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  • Blood Alcohol Calculator

    Blood Alcohol Calculator

    We are all different – A BAC calculation is just an estimate. The most accurate measuring tools are a blood test or a Breathalyzer. 0.00-0.03% – No impairment, normal behavior 0.03-0.06% – Mild impairment and euphoria, diminished inhibitions 0.06-0.10% – Worsening impairment, euphoria, buzzed 0.10-0.20% – Loss of motor control

  • Alcohol By Volume

    Alcohol By Volume

    ABV or Alcohol by volume is how much ethanol can be found in a drink in comparison to the whole volume of the drink.  Concentration amounts of alcohol range widely depending on the drink. Although it is not required to display the alcohol content of the drink, you can find how much

  • Drinking age in Tunisia

    Drinking age in Tunisia

    The legal drinking and purchase age in Tunisia is 18. It’s not so unusual when you think that the United States is one of the only countries in the world with a drinking age of 21. It is strange that the drinking age is so high because most countries have

  • Drinking age in Puerto Rico

    Drinking age in Puerto Rico

    The legal drinking age is 18 in Puerto Rico. It is 18 for most of the South American and Central American countries. The legal drinking age is 18 in most parts of the world, but it is sort of strange that it is 21 in the United States. If you

  • Drinking age in Mexico

    Drinking age in Mexico

    Mexico has an official legal drinking age of 18, but IDs are rarely checked, and a purchaser will rarely be denied the drink that they are ordering. Everyone knows that Mexico offers an awesome Spring Break destination for students, and there are over three million people each year that go

  • Drinking age in London

    Drinking age in London

    The legal drinking age in London is the same as it is in the United Kingdom and England, and that is 18. This age applies to the possession and consumption of alcohol. Minors that are 16 to 17 can drink alcoholic beverages with an adult guardian in public places. Lots

  • Drinking age in Jamaica

    Drinking age in Jamaica

    It used to be that there was no legal drinking age in Jamaica, and the legal purchase age was 16. This was very unusual to see in a country. Jamaica was very unique in offering no drinking age legislation. Perhaps that’s part of the fun that drew young people to

  • Drinking age in Italy

    Drinking age in Italy

    The legal drinking age in Italy is 16. That is somewhat younger than most countries in the region. However, South Tyrol is a little different. They prohibit getting served or buying for anyone under the age of 18 years old. Everyone is forbidden from being in a state of intoxication.

  • Drinking Age in Ireland

    Drinking Age in Ireland

    The minimum drinking age is different for every country and region within a country. The laws about legal drinking ages cover a massive spectrum of problems and behaviors, and they address the locations and places where alcoholic beverages can be drunk. The minimum age for purchasing alcohol might not be