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Best Bars in Miami

Miami is a place that’s known for its party culture. To borrow a phrase from Rodney Dangerfield, Miami gets no respect, as far as its bars go. It’s much better known for its nightclubs than its bars that serve basic concoctions.

For many years, there was the Delano HOtel, which had an acclaimed Florida Room, and they had a kind of compromise. It was bottle service with delicious drinks too. It closed down in 2012, but you don’t have to worry. The cocktail fans aren’t in any danger of going thirsty any time soon.

There are a whole lot of places that came up to the plate to fill the void that was left there. You need to pack up your suntan lotion, and you need to check out a couple of the favorite spots here.

Miami is a party city, and if you’re not here and enjoying yourself at one of the bars, then something might be wrong with you. This is definitely the place that you want to sample the bar scene at. You may skip it in other cities, but Miami is not the place.

Bar Centro

You can find this place inside the luxurious SLS Hotel that’s located in South Beach, and you’ll see lots of spots that are very high-end there, and there are numerous places to drink and eat, like the Jose Andres restaurant, which is called The Bazaar. Bar Centro is a great place where you can sample of the avant-garde molecular elixirs that are designed with spherification, liquid nitrogen, and emulsifiers, but there are a ton of fresh-fruit cocktails as well, for people who aren’t feel as adventurous as all that. If you’re here, try the LN2 Caipirinha.

The Broken Shaker

The Broken Shaker was only intended to be a pop-up, but it shot off to success so well that it’s currently a main feature of the Freehand Hotel. The joint was thought up by a few friends who handle the local consultancy Bar Lab. It’s decorated with a unique collection of memorabilia and shakers too. If you’re here, try the Southern Element.

The Cypress Room

You will find a list of aperitif cocktails at the elegant Cyprus Room, and they’re all in a “Beverage Book”. This book will really get your appetite going for the establishment’s main gourmet meals. It has classic tipples that will make all the people who are classicists content, and it’s got some concoctions that are barrel-aged as well, and they will satisfy those who are looking into the latest trends too. There are even special original creations from a talented bartender named Robert Montero. If you’re here, try the Calle Ocho.

Khong River House

If you take just a single glance at the cocktail list at this place, you’ll see why it’s so easy to fall in love with the Khong River House. The menu integrates the different reasons to like gin and the several ways to drink a Negroni too. As well, the back bar stocks a lot of different kinds of gin as well. If you’re here, try the Dutch Crumpet.


This place is named for the biggest island in Hong Kong, and it has food from all across Asia too. Chad Phillips creates its cocktails, and he complements its fine cuisine. He’s kind of like a mad scientist, and he likes playing with the bitters and infusions in his cocktails. You can ever make orders for his tipples by the poolside at the Sand Bar nearby.




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