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Alcohol By Volume


ABV or Alcohol by volume is how much ethanol can be found in a drink in comparison to the whole volume of the drink.  Concentration amounts of alcohol range widely depending on the drink. Although it is not required to display the alcohol content of the drink, you can find how much alcohol content is in your favorite beverage by simply checking the label.

ABW or Alcohol by Weight- Represents the weight of the liquid that is ethanol compared to the entire weight of the drink.

Malt Liquor / Ale – A malt or ale drink consisting of or exceeding 4% of ABW. (Usually 5.1% or more ABV.)

Beer – Malt beverage consisting of 1 half of o 1% or more of ABV and no more than 4% of ABV, and does not include a beverage designated by label or otherwise by a name other than beer. (Generally 5.1% and under ABV.)

Distilled Spirits – Alcohol,  gin, whiskey, brandy,  rum, spirits of wine,  or any liquor made in part by the formation of distillation, in addition to all  mixtures of them, and consists of spirit coolers that possibly have an ABV as low as 4% and consist of  carbonated or sparkling water,  and could also have a artificial  or natural blending flavoring ingredients.

Wine - A  beverage derived from the fermentation from grapes,  berries, fruits,or honey, and this also includes wine coolers.





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