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How to Play Asshole

Asshole is just like bridge and hearts. Individuals will attempt to trick one another, and they will try to be the first one to empty their hands out. The final player to use all of their cards will be called the Asshole in the next round.

Equipment You Will Need:

  • A single cup for each individual
  • Big kitchen table
  • Playing cards deck
  • Mixed drink of choice
  • Asshole hat too

Set Up:

The individuals will all get around the table, and the Asshole will deal and shuffle the cards until every single one of the cards has been dealt, and he will do so in a clockwise rotation too. If this is the initial game, then each player will get dealt a single card from the deck, and the person with the lowest card will be called the Asshole then.

Game Play:

The person on the left of the dealer will start by leading with any card, or a set of cards that match. Then, the individual on their left is able to play any card, so long as it has a higher value, or pass on it. The twos are high, and then the Aces, Kings, and so on are how the priority of sequence works. Diamonds is the lowest value, followed by clubs, hearts, and spades. Four of a kind, three of a kind, or any pair is higher than a single, individual card. For instance, if the initial player throws out a ten, then the player after him can play a pair of sevens or a King. You can’t play full houses, flushes, straights, and other hands from five card poker. They don’t count. The player after that can play a pair or a higher card, and so on and so forth. This will continue until all the players pass, and then the final person to use a card will lead the trick after that and can begin the trick with a set of cards or any individual card. If a person passes, then they have to drink on. The game will continue until each of the players runs out of cards, the initial individual to play all their cards wins, the second player completes it second, and so on and so forth. Some of the special card rules are the following:

  • A two card is a “clear” card, and that means that all the cards that are played are removed by the asshole, and the individual who’s playing the two has to start all over again.
  • A four card is a card that’s called a “social” card, and that means that all the players have to drink. This card can actually be played on a single, individual card or a combination of different cards. The player after that has to play the cards that were played before the four.
  • When an individual matches the card that was previously played, then a single player’s turn is skipped for previous card that matched it that was played. If any players were skipped, then they have to rink. For instance, if the first individual plays a Queen and player number two then plays a Queen, then player number three will get skipped, and they have to drink. If player number four plays a Queen, then player number five and six gets skipped and has to take a drink too.

The titles are handed out after each round. These are the following titles:

President – This is the winner of the round before the current round. She has the opportunity to add another rule to the game at the start of each round. A Presidential rule will stay in place until another Presidential rule contradicts or repeals it. They can also ask that their drink be refilled by an Asshole dealer any time.

Vice President – This is the second place finisher in the round before. They can ask that their drink be refilled by an Asshole dealer whenever they want to.

Constituent – This is anyone who finished outside of the Vice President and prior to the Asshole.

Asshole – This is the final finisher in the round before. The Asshole has to wear the dunce hat, which his just an empty beer container carton or some other ridiculous hat, and they are responsible for refilling the President’s and Vice President’s drink sna dealing and shuffling for the next round.

Once titles are assigned, the seating gets rearranged, and the President will have to sit to the Asshole’s left, and the constituents and the Vice President will be to the left, with the Vice President sitting closest.




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