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How to Play the Baseball Drinking Game

Have you ever wanted to hit the ball like Babe Ruth? However, you noticed that you had a big, fat belly getting in the way of you. This is the right game for you then. It’s very simple, but it does necessitate some skills using a quarter, and circulate through a lot of different pitchers, excuse the pun, with the game.


  • One quarter
  • Ten cups
  • Lots of beer

Game Play:

Make four stacks of coups in a row, the first just one cup, the second two cups, and the third three cups, and the fourth one make a home run of four cups. Pour beer into each of the cups. Each team will go through a rotation and attempt to bounce quarter into any of the stacks. If they make it in, then the other team will drink and refill the stack up. They miss, then it will count as a team striking out. Each team will get three outs for each inning. The teams can play however many innings they want. The runners will advance in a normal way. If one team member hits a single hit, and the next player hits a triple hit, then it will count as a run.




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