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Best Bars in Boston

This bar was founded in the very early 1600′s by New England Puritans and they loaded their ships to the brim with a whole lot more beer than water, and Boston is one of the oldest cities as far as drinking. There’s a ton of drinking history you can study up on here.

During the time that there were the colonies, it was a great home to a big rum industry, and it was then home to The-Bell-in-Hand Tavern, and it purports to be the longest continually running bar in the country. It opened in 1795.

Right now, Boston is a great city for a drinker, and there is a huge cocktail culture here. Let’s take a look at some of the best bars to go to when you’re in Boston. These bars are essential and special, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Boston has tons of bars because it’s one of the best drinking cities in the United States.

Boston is a really classy city, but it’s also got a classic and timeless appeal. It’s position as one of our country’s most esteemed cities, and it’s role as one of the first cities in America, makes it a city where you can really enjoy the beer and liquor that you’re served. There’s a sense of camaraderie and tradition there. You’ll feel like you’ve always been there when you step into one of those old pubs.

The Beehive

It has dark red drapes, dark wooden tables, and brick walls that are exposed. This is a music venue, but it has the feel of an artist’s loft. The bar is famous for having jazz musicians, but The Beehive has all kinds of artists in all kinds of genres. Some of the drinks are the best that you’ll ever have in a music club. You should try the Honey Lavender Whiskey Fuzz if you go there.

Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar

This is a cozy and warm pub, and it’s in Fenway. It opened just last year, and it has dozens of whiskies, and it has a number of craft beers as well. There’s a huge amount of cocktails, which is really great for big groups too. What’s a great addition to a jumbo bowl? Try a roasted suckling pig. If you’re here, try to the Modern Tea Punch.

Craigie on Main

You couldn’t talk about the best hangouts in Boston, if you didn’t mention the prize-winning Craigie on Main. It’s strongly rooted in cuisine that’s seasonal, and the cocktails are there too, and they change depending on what ingredients they have at the time. If you’re here, try the Winter Equivalent.

Deep Ellum

If you take just a single look at the menu when you get here, you’ll realize that the restaurant is controlled by drinks enthusiasts who are passionate about what they drink. For people who love beer, there are several dozen beers through the tap and through the bottle, and for people who love cocktails, there’s a beautiful selection of about 30 different bears, and there are eight different versions of the Manhattan.


Drink is a place that should be the very first stop on any cocktail tour. It’s one of the best bars in the whole country’ It has some of the finest people in the industry on the staff. There is some amazing teamwork here, and it’s beautiful to see it, and you can also get a lot of beverage knowledge here too. There are almost limitless cocktail choices, and they range from vintage kinds to original kinds. If you’re here, try the Oaxacan Old Fashioned.




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