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Best Bars in Charleston

I was recently driving through South Carolina on a road trip, and I made a stop in Charleston, South Carolina. I was going on a vacation, and I didn’t have any ideas ahead of time about trying cocktails, even though that’s what I do for my day job, but the restaurant that I went to for dinner, which was called FIG, had some amazing drinks.

The bar manager was someone I recognized, and I’d met him a couple of times before. After an awesome meal and a couple of drinks, he sent me off with the places I should go visit for cocktails when I was in town. Here are some of the places I went to that night. Please enjoy the summary descriptions. However, you won’t really get any enjoyment unless you go to the bars themselves. You’ve just got to try these cocktails.

The Bar at Husk

This is bar is inside one of the historic buildings in Charleston, and it’s a truly acclaimed restaurant. There is a wonderfully restored bar right next door, and it has an amazing collection of over 50 delicious Madeiras and bourbons too. The elixirs get split up into four groups, which are whiskey-based, punches, modern, and historic. This is the kind of spot you can find yourself lost in for several hours on end. You should have a Nueva-Cane if you go here to drink.

Bin 152

I just couldn’t go on by this spot without trying some of the charcuterie, wine, fresh-based bread, and cheese. You might simply mistake the rustic atmosphere, which was quite charming, with the French countryside, if you weren’t careful. There are over 30 vinos that you can try by the glass here, and there are over 100 that you can try from the bottle, and there are over 30 kinds of cheese here too.

The Cocktail Club

Even though the drinks are serious, the atmosphere at this contemporary watering hole is approachable and fun. Jasmine Back, along with her team, make all of the classic drinks, but it’s a good idea if you order something that integrates a complex syrup or house-made infusion. Try the Married to a Mixologist drink if you’re here.


This restaurant has won a James Beard award, and it was the perfect spot to go for that special evening, to start it off and get it going. There is a mixologist there called Brooks Reitz, and she was incredibly talent, and she put together a really excellent cocktail list too, and there were some amazing twists on the Negronie, which is a kind of Manhattan that you build you build yourself, as well as some unique concoctions. Try the Hummingbird if you’re here.

The Gin Joint

At my time at The Gint Joint, I found out that Jerry Thomas, who was a bartending forefather, had his original roots in Charleston. The establishment really took this to heart, and they did an excellent job of portraying the cocktail culture essence throughout time. There is a very thorough menu there, and it features a lot of drinks like a punch of the week, cocktails, coolers, smashes, slings, sours, daisies, swizzles, and fizzes. If you just have time to stop at one bar, then this should definitely be the bar that you go to. Try the Original New Orleans Fizz drink if you’re here. It’s a really good one to try out.


This bar is named because of its tiny size, and it’s lit very dimly,, and it has some very inviting drinks like wine, beer, dessert cocktails, Martinis, and fresh fruit creations. You need to get there early so that you won’t be forced to shoehorn your way in the door. You should try to drink a Blue Kentucky if you get in the door here while you’re visiting.




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