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Best Bars in Charlotte

Charlotte’s nightlife is booming, and there’s much entertainment and drinking on tap. Check out the Charlotte’s bars, night clubs, breweries, live music venues, lounges and more. As the sun goes down, things really heat up in this city. From underground clubs to rooftop lounges, here’s a report of the best nightlife this city has to provide. Let Charlotte introduce you to a good night out. The Queen City is brimming with exciting nightlife. Whether you are single and prepared to mingle or just seeking quality time with your loved one, there’s a multitude of Charlotte nightlife for all.

The Thirsty Beaver

1225 Central Ave
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 332-3612

The Thirsty Beaver serves cold PBR, has Hee Haw playing on the TV and Ole Merle Haggard blaring on the Jukebox. It’s a good little honky-tonk with character enough for everyone. The jukebox is free, the beer is cold and there are two pool tables out back, with a Pac Man game for good measure. The bartenders practically have a better time than you, but they provide great service. Memories can be made at The Thirsty Beaver.

Courtyard Hooligans

140 Brevard Ct
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 376-2238

The Courtyard Hooligans is a small bar that’s perfect match for the soccer fan. One patron says “Hooligan’s is a super chill pub tucked away in the French Quarter.” Hooligan’s is great for a chat and always has a diverse craft beer selection. Simply stop in to enjoy the debate and catch a game. Another Hooligan’s fan stated “Coming to Hooligan’s to catch a US soccer game just makes me want to be a better fan.”

Gin Mill South End

1411 S Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 373-0782

The Gin Mill South End Bar is located less than a mile from the center of the city, on the light rail line, next to Amos’ Southend. It’s an original drinking neighborhood bar. The Gin Mill provides an entertaining layout, trivia, karaoke, DJ’s, great specials and live music. They show all major sports and offer a roof top patio for your good times.

Moosehead Grill

1807 Montford Drive
Charlotte, NC 28209
(704) 525-4088

The Moosehead Grill is a great bar in South Park. They offer a great draft beer selection and have awesome drink specials. They recently were presented with a prestigious award for their fantastic wings. The Moose has the best bar food in the city of Charlotte. The wait staff and bartenders provide excellent, personalized service. If you’re looking for some great wings and a tasty brew, then you’ve found your bar at the Moosehead Grill!

VBGB Beer Hall and Garden

920 Hamilton St
Charlotte, NC 28206
(704) 333-4111

The VBGB is a German bar. When you enter the bar there are two windows to right to order your food. You are then given a number and then they deliver your food. You can order beer and drinks at the massive and beautiful bar, which actually has an ice shelf! This is not a sit-down type of restaurant, but this place is lots of fun and the food is good. The VBGB has a good vibe with fast and friendly service.




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