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Best Bars in Columbus

The nightlife in Columbus can vary from a quiet evening at a watering hole to dancing and rocking out with the best local bands. Columbus nightlife is thriving in the downtown area. An exciting and unique experience awaits those who strive to enjoy Columbus and its many offerings of food, drink and entertainment. The following are a few of the best bars to start your shuffle and get your groove on during your visit in the capital city.

Too’s Spirits Under High

1880 N High St
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 886-3780

Too’s Spirits is the best basement bar in these parts. There is no fresh air, no windows, but no bologna. The drinks are strong and cheap and the music is rocking. They also have live music a few nights per week. The employees are easy-going and provide great service and the patrons are a good mix. Too’s is a favorite place to have a bucket of beer, delicious wings, and play some pool!

Village Idiot

1439 N High St
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 230-2544

At the Village Idiot, the bartenders are knowledgeable and provide great service. The specials are for both beer and liquor. They have $3 shot specials. Check out the board to see what shots are on special. It’s a chill atmosphere, and with the new patio they installed, the Village Idiot is an easy choice.

Johnnie’s Glenn Avenue Grill

1491 Glenn Ave
Columbus, OH 43212
(614) 488-0151

This is one of the best local bars in central Ohio. The bar staff are great, and $20.00, can more than get you through the night at Johnnie’s. Check attitudes at the door because once inside you quickly become a “regular” as conversations are aplenty.
You should check out Johnnie’s!

Char Bar

439 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 225-9439

Char Bar is one of the best dive bars in the Arena District area. They have a back patio, a solid jukebox and great drink specials. They serve a Long Island Ice Tea that will knock you off your chair! You should check out the Char Bar.

R Bar Arena

413 N Front St
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 221-4950

The R Bar Arena is the best hockey bar in Columbus. They have friendly bartenders, super-fast service and offer beer specials before any Columbus Blue Jackets’ games. Their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is the best you’ll ever sink your teeth into. So, make your way to R Bar Arena to see a great hockey game and have a cold beer at a great price!




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