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Best Bars in Copenhagen

It wasn’t such a long time ago that Copenhagen was considered the best place in all the Scandinavian countries to get a drink. It was the best place, in drinkers’ minds, to get that awesome spirit aquavit. It’s a wonderful place to go to as well now. Denmark is rated as the number one happiest country in the world. Denmark has the highest quality of life of any country in the world. You can still locate the caraway seed-tinged liquor, but it’s just as simple to find a tasty cocktail too.

Copenhagen is a really big city, and they have choices of pilsner, redder special, classic, wheat, and dark beer in a lot of places. It’s fun to experiment with all the different kinds of beer there. You’ll see a lot of interesting folks who are sampling a lot of interesting beers if you stop in Scandinavia. Denmark has kind of a wild culture to some people, although it is really just the counterculture or subculture that might have given the rest of Denmark that reputation. There are all kinds of establishments in the country, and they cater to all different kinds of people groups. Just try to go to some of the bars mentioned on this list if you want a consistently good experience. There are some great people there. They’re generally behaved.

In truth, some of the bartending royals descended on Copenhagen for the Copenhagen Spirits and Cocktails event earler in the year. Some of the advisors from and other places went there. Here are some great spots to visit in the capital of Denmark.


Gromit Eduardsen is a kind of celebrity, and he is the country’s de facto founder of the mixology movement too. He and his team fix a number of excellent drinks in big volumes for a good-looking crowd at 1105. If you’re here, try the No. 4.

Bar Rouge at First Hotel Skt. Petri

Bar Rouge appears just like an average boutique hotel bar. It has dim lighting, chic furniture, and a minimalist design. When you open up the menu, though, you find that you’re definitely in a special place. Choose from a big assortment of original and classic concoctions. If you’re here, try the Com N’Oil.

The Brass Monkey

It’s true that Denmark is anything but tropical, and it’s sole tiki bar, The Brass Monkey, regualarly hits the mark. It offers some wonderful drinks a little taste of sunshine during the longish Scandinavian winter. It has one of the largest rum collections in Denmark. If you’re here, try the Dr. Voodoo’s Brew.

Moltke’s Bar

You will find a New York-style speakeasy in Moltke’s Palace, which is 300 years old, but it’s the last thing you’d expect to find. The establishment is wel-known for its old-school expert service and elixirs. It’s just open on Friday nights though. It’s just a mixological classroom outside of that time. If you’re here, try the Moltke’s Club.


If Wes Anderson owned a bar, then this would be it. It’s a sophisticated bar, and it has a lot of living room-type settings. It’s full of a great group of vintage bottles, photographs, and memorabilia. The bartenders are extremely skilled and serve up classic and experimental tipples. It’s also the sole place I know of that does stand-up comedy on the bathroom speakers when you’re in the bathroom. If you’re here, try the Rhubarb & Champagne.




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