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Best bars in Dallas

Several years back, I had a good friend, and he was the co-owner of a company in New York, but it had moved to Dallas, and they were trying to build up the cocktail culture in that town. The city has a great bar scene now, and it just finally opened its initial inaugural cocktail celebration. There are a few places that you have to go when you’re visiting there. You just can’t miss these cocktail hotspots.

Dallas is one of the best cities in the world as far as its nightlife, people, and buildings. It’s got some of the most beautiful of all three, anywhere in the world. Chances are, you might be here on business.

If you’re here in Dallas on business, then you have to check out the bar scene. This list will help you make up your mind as far as the nicest bars. These are the best that you’re going to get.

Dallas is one of the best cities in the country for business, and you’re nowhere more welcoming to beer and wine lovers than in Dallas. It’s got a big number of classy cocktail bars that serve up the best that Dallas has to offer. You’ll find esteemed bartenders from all over the world that come to Dallas because the business is so good. It’s a wonderful place to live and work, and you’ll always find that you’re at home and in good company if you’re a cocktail lover.


Bolsa is located in a building that is historic, and it’s in the district called the Bishops Arts District. It’s a starter in the produce-to-table movement. It’s a rustic spot with a kitchen that’s wide open, and it’s chock full to the brim with vegetables that are from local sources. There are lots of drinks and dishes there, and there are fruits and vegetables from sources that are local as well. When you walk in, you feel like you’r automatically healthier. If you’re here, try the Luchador.

The Dram

If you’re seeking out a speakeasy, then this is the place to go. Go on over to the Dram. It’s dimly lit, stylish, and well-designed. There is a cocktail boudoir that’s full of furniture, vintage lamps, fireplaces, and art. There is also an illustrated menu there, and it’s go over 30 kinds of Scotches, a huge tequila selection, and a number of different concoctions. If you’re here, try the Seasonal Sour.

The Idle Rich Pub

Every city has to have a place where you can get a shot of Jameson and a pint of Guinness, and this is the Irish pub that offers all of that. It offers you an exhaustive list of whiskies, which include 17 that are all from the Emeralid Isle, and there are over 100 beer bottles here as well. Try the Purple Jesus if you’re here.

Marquee Grill

When you combine one of the best chefs in the world, Tre Wilcox, and a drink menu that’s designed by a premier bartender, you get one of the best establishments in Dallas by far. You can order a little something before dinner, like an aperitif, or you can try out a smooth, awesome drink with a few appetizers. There’s also postprandial tipple and fortified wines too. If you’re here, try the Oaxaca Sour.

Private Social

A contestant behind Top Chef is behind this restaurant, and it’s a modern and slick restaurant. The drinks are made by a great mixoloist, Rocco Milano. He makes culinary creations like a Campari, B & B, dehydrated spirits, infused spirits, and bitters.




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