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Best bars in Denver

Not only is Coors there, but there are dozens of craft breweries. Colorado has gotten a rep as one of the most serious beer states out there, and by far. There is a huge cocktail scene there as well, in between all the pints that are served. Boulder, and nearby Denver, has one of the best cocktail and beer scenes in the world. There are some famous bartenders like there like Sean Kenyon, Anika Zappe, Bryan Dayton, and Mike Henderson.

There’s a lot of historical precedent to this trend too. The Gold Rush brought a ton of saloons into the town, and it was full of bartenders, prospectors, and cocktails that were well-mixed, along with European spirits that were quite expensive and Champagne.

That gold rush boom is a long time over, but you can still strike beer gold at some of these Rocky Mountain bars. Let’s go over the list now.

Colorado is well-known around the world for its beers, and some of the most famous beer commercials feature imagery and settings of Colorado, where some of the best beers are made around the world. The ice cold Rocky Mountains are the best place to get some of the best ice cold beer in the world. What most people don’t know, however, is that their cocktail culture is so established. Denver and Boulder are two modern cities, and they have some of the best cocktails in the world served up by some of the best bartenders in the world. The mere beer drinking culture there has spilled over, pun intended, into cocktail culture. There are a lot of people there that just like to drink in general. It’s a wonderful place to share your love of drinking.

The Bitter Bar

The Bitter Bar is kind of like a speakeasy, but it has a great atmosphere that’s informative and thoughtful, and it’s a lounge place that you can really relax in. There is a great mixologist there who is quite passionate about all the work he’s doing there, and he’s very enthusiastic and vivacious. His name is Mark Stoddard. Each city needs to have a cocktail bar that’s somewhat classic, and Boulder doesn’t fail in this regard.

Colt & Gray

Colt & Gray sells itself as a great pub that serves drink and food in an environment that’s comfortable. It goes a long way over that summary, however. The head bartender, Kevin Burke, has assembled one of the best cocktail programs ever, and the bar makes its own infused spirits, bitters, and sodas. If you’re here, try the P&P.

Frasca Food and Wine

This restaurant has won a James Beard Award, and it’s one of the most celebrated in the entire region, and it serves cuisine that’s inspired a region of Italy called the Fruiuli region. Bryan Dayton was the president of the Bartenders’ Guild in the United States, and he used to head up the bar. He left the bar with a great drinks program, and it focuses on digestive and aperitivos.


This is a bar that serves Margaritas, and it does so in pint glasses. It has a full range of over 250 mescals and tequilas too, and it offers some excellent Mexican food. It doesn’t matter if you want a cocktail or a short, the bartenders are very capable here, and they’re up to the task. If you’re here, try the Picoso.

Root Down

This is a renovated, hip station, and it has some amazing decor that’s covered in old rotary phones, for example. The bar is named after a famous jazz pioneer’s infamous track. It was the idea of a former co-owner of the Waverly Inn. This bar may sound like it’s a little too cool, but it does deliver on cocktails and food that’s driven by produce.




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