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Best Bars in Honolulu

If you go to any Hawaiian resort, you’ll definitely find a lot of sunbathers, and most of them will be sipping frozen drinks. That’s just the way it goes. It’s a part of Hawaiian culture to have that kind of drinking going on, and there are definitely some of the best bars in the world in the major resort town of Honolulu. There are a lot of bars that serve these tropical drinks, and they are very popular with the tourists who go in and out of there. There are a ton of Oahu establishments that have moved their cocktail programs on up to the next level. Let’s check out some of these amazing spots to have a drink in the state capitol of the Aloha State.

Honolulu is a tropical dream for the people who there to relax while they’re on vacation. It’s made even better by the assortment of tropical drinks there. There are some of the most delicious island concoctions in the world there, and they’re brewed by some of the hottest bartenders in the world. They flock there because it’s a great place to live and bartend. There are a number of top-flight bartenders working there now. They’re the top-of-the-line folks that go there to tend bar because they want to live there too.

Top best bars in Honolulu

La Mariana Sailing Club

If you’re wanting to get an amazing Mai tai, frothy Daquiri, or creamy Pina Colada, then this is the place for you to go to. The La Mariana Sailing Club is the last real tike bar on Oahu, which was open since the year of 1955. The menu here isn’t all that picky, but it’s filled with a lot of good standby drinks, and they have a huge selection of local beers as well. If you’re here, get the Li Hing Mui Margarita.

Lewers Lounge 

The Lewers Loung is a dimly lit, sex jazz bar that’s positioned in the famous Halekulani Hotel. The establishment has a lot of amazing bartenders. They were all trained by Dale DeGroff, who is a master mixologist, and he’s also an advisor at THere is also Francesco Lafranconi, who is the mixology director for Southern Wine & Spirits. There is a head bartender there, Tim Rita, and he serves up a lot of sweet drinks that have a real Hawaiian spin, and he has a ton of knowledge about drinks too If you’re here, try the Lost Passion.

Mai Tai Bar

This little awesome bar is located right on the beautiful Waikiki Beach sands at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, and the Mai Tai Bar is a great setting if you’re trying to listen to some live music or enjoy a sunset. You can try one of the unique Mai Tais made by a famous mixologist, Joey Gottesman. If you’re here, try the Mai Tai Degeneres.

Nobu Waikiki

As part of the Nobu tradition, this is a Honolulu spot that’s kind of like an internationally-styled Japanese cuisine showcase. There is a head bartender, Dave Newman, and he runs the Waikiki restaurant, which his a destination for gourmet food and cocktails. You can get one of the creative drinks he offers that incorporate a number of Asian flavors. Try the Nashi Martini if you’re here.


Thirtyninehotel is clearly a cutting-edge bar in Honolulu, and it’s right in the center of Chinatown. The drinks are made by an award-winning mixologist named Christian Self who made up the cocktail list, and it features some fresh ingredients from the island. You can try some classic libations like a Mai Tai, Pisco Sour, and Grand Sidecar, or you can sample an original recipe that gets some of its inspiration from around the globe. You should try the Hawaii 39 if you’re here.




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