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Best bars in Houston

There’s an old saying that says “everything is bigger in Texas”. That’s definitely true of the bar scene in Houston, as well. Houston is one of the most established and famous cities in Texas, and it’s got a bar scene that’s the worth and size of the Lone Star State. Houston is a big oil town, and there are a lot of executives there, and they need some awesome places to kick back a few after a rough work week. Houston is in no short supply of amazing bars, and we’re going to go through some of them now. Houston has a huge number of establishments that specialize in tequila especially, and it’s also the site of one of the most awesome cocktail bars in the whole nation, Anvil Bar & Refuge.

We’re going to cover five of the best bars in Houston and give you a real, in-depth overview of each bar. You’ll definitely want to head down from Dallas, or stop here on business, if you read this list. Get prepared to study up on getting sauced below.

Anvil Bar & Revuge

Anvil was the first place to really kick off the cocktail culture in Houston. It was a James Beard Award semifinalist, and it was championed by the eccentric Bobby Heugel and the crafty Alba Huerta too. She was the poster child of what a bar should look like, and it had some fantastic elixirs, a fun atmosphere, and great music too, and it combined vintage recipes with contemporary experimentation. If you’re here, try the Brave.

Big Star Bar

Are you looking for a kind of dive bartender hangout. This is your place then. Go on over to Big Star for Long Star Beers, and you can also get some great whiskey shots while you’re there as well. It has some cracked kitchen tiles, horrible furniture that might belong in a living room, and you’ve got some really bad lighting too, but there’s a huge garden in the back that has a lot of tables you can sit at and just got lost at forgetting about everything else in your life. Try a six-pack of Lone Star Beer if you’re here.

Brasserie 19

Don’t think about chalkboards or paper menus if you’re here. The entire drink menu is on an iPad. There are images of each drink, and you can get a lot information at the touch of a button too. You can even put an order through the iPad computer. Joseph Stark is the head bartender there, and he’s put together a really big list of the best staples, which adds to the big number of usual bistro dishes too.

Down House

The Down House has a barn-like feel, and it’s got some classic cocktails, craft beers, and comfort food too. You can try a Negroni, Sazerac, Pimm’s Cup, or Aperol Spritz. There’s a tiny number of original concoctions too, which are experiments that feature foams, syrups, and tinctures as well.

Downing Street Pub

If you want to get a cigar and a single malt liquor, then this is the place that you need to go. It has over 200 whiskies from across the globe, and the big humidor in the center of the room would even make Arnold Schwarzenegger envious. There are photographs of Winston Churchill, as well as friends, that cover the walls, and that might explain why it’s named after the man. It is, definitely, a manly place, and it has bunches of guys that drink on giant cigars and drink from foamy drams.




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