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Best bars in LA

Hollywood has always glamorized alcohol, and in the Major and the Minor, Some Like it Hot, and Casablanca, alcoholic drinks were showcased and revered in some way. Hollywood has also glamorized the cocktail craft on the screen, and Los Angeles was once known as a kind of drinker’s town in real life. It was biggest, that is the cocktail culture, in the ’40s and ’50s.

Over fifty years have passed, and the sparkle has gone missing, and the glitter has faded, and style has taken over the substance in most bars. There are a whole lot of things that Hollywood likes, and one of those things is a good comeback. A new bunch of bartenders has just put Los Angeles back on the map. There is a new bar that’s being opened called The Tar Pit, and it’s being opened by the owner of a New York City cocktail club called the Pegu Club.

You better put on a dry coat and call a cab, because you’ll be drinking a lot in Los Angeles. If you’re there on business, or you’re there schmoozing with other business executives, you’ll have a great time. The cocktail culture is in full force there, even though it’s been kind of vapid in years past. The cocktail culture is making a bit of a resurgence.

Los Angeles is one of the premier hot spots in the entire world for drinking great beverages, and there are folks from all over the world who come here to see the film culture that can attest to how awesome the bar scene is there. There are swanky lounges and classic bars, as well as great little hot spots and unique centers of attraction for celebrities. There are a number of awesome bars that you can find there that cater especially to celebrities and other high-powered Hollywood executives, and you can bet that there are drink menus are something to write home about. For all of those who are coming out to Los Angeles for the first time, this is a once-in-a-life experience to try some of the best alcohol you can find. It’s so great because it’s mixed specially.

The drinks you find here are stunning and creative. You’ll see some of the best drinks possible, and there are all sorts that you’ll get to like and enjoy. It’s an amazing thing to be able try out some of these drinks with the great celebrities who are there.

The Varnish

Eric Alperin perfected his bartending skills in the state of New York. Just last winter, he set up the Varnish with another person named Sasha Petraske, who already owns the Gotham bars Little Branch and Milk & Honey. The bar has a small menu of classics.

The Edison

The antique furnaces in the old power plant are a good enough reason to go to this establishment, and there’s also the handcrafted cocktails that are shaken by Joseph Brooke and Juan Sevilla, the LA stars.

The Roger Room

This is one of West Hollywood’s best real speakeasies. It’s set up behind a sign that advertises a psychic, and you’ll find a great crowd having some excellent drinks.

Bar Marmont

Bar Marmont, the last Hollywood haunt, is always full of celebrities. If you can avoid gawking for a minute, you’ll see that the bar has some excellent cocktails that are constructed with fresh juices. You can find some good drinks with blueberry, carrot, and Acai, in particular. It’s California, and you’re going to see some health nuts here. The drinks will reflect that.

Copa D’Oro

This is a classy Santa Monica lounge that gives you a fresh-fruit-driven, innovative cocktail menu that’s designed by one of the most influential mixologists in Santa Monica, Vincenzo Marianella.




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