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Best Bars in Moscow

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave Stalin a Martini, famously, at the Tehran Conference in 1943. It amde Nikita Khruschchev say later on that the drink was the secret weapon of America. American cocktail culture wasn’t really embraced by the Russians, but things have changed a lot today. Russia has turned into the fastest-growing market for luxury goods in the world, and it has a newfound affluence that’s caused it to open a whole lot of decadent watering holes and great restaurants.

Moscow has a certain kind of old-world appeal to its cocktail scene, and you can see this in the many bars that support a wealthy and affluent new middle class. There is still a touch of the old world here, in many of its bars, but there is also a beautiful, modern, and clean feel to the interiors of the bars here. Just like the cocktails themselves, you get the best of both worlds when you come into a bar in Moscow.

Russia is building up its own high-proof weapons arsenal now. Here is a wonderful list of some of the best bars that you can find them at.

All-Time Bar

The All-Time Bar has a kind of modern, stylish, and contemporary interior that has tufted leather couches, baroque-style chandeliers, and exposed brick walls. It’s sort of befitting because the establishment is the leader in the Russian drinks scene. You can sit back and have something prepared for you by an award-winning bartender in Moscow. His well-designed creations are stunning. You can also try some international-inspired dishes and sample some gourmet snacks too. You can drink the Moscow Orange Sour if you want to try something here.

Aloha Bar

Get out of the harsh Russian winter at a little tiki joint right in the heart of Moscow. You can find a weaterfall, canoes, and surfboards that set the mood. The menu is even a kind of cocktail compass, and it will guide you to the ideal concoction based on what your personal preferences are. Some of the tipples are the Mai Tais, Scorpion Bowls, and more than 80 different kinds of rum. If you’re here, try the Incognito.

Art Academy

Right in the main stage of the big loft area is a long bar that’s engulfed in low seating and sofas where people can enjoy food and relax, and it’s mainly Japanese and Italian, and they serve cocktails and coffee. The mixed drinks are real crowd-pleases like the Bloody Marys, Margaritas, and Mojitos. If you’re here, try the Fruit Margarita.


This one is the newest from Sokolov of the All-Time Bar, and it has a diverse food selection and stylish cocktails too. It brings in a really eclectic crowd, and it has some weekend warriors, local young professionals, and ex-pat businessmen too. Just like a dream, it’s open throughout both the night and day. If you’re here, try the Winter Melody.

Bar Gipsy

See outside of the famous statue of of Peter the Great, which is seen inside the Red October chocolate factory, and you’ll discover one of the hottest spots in the city. The club is big, with a couple of terraces, and there is one where the crowd can dance to famous DJs, and there is one that is mellow. There is a bar inside that has over 30 drinks, and it also sells kebabs as well. What more could you ask for in a night out on the town? If you’re here, try the Raratonga.




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