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Best Bars in Philadelphia

One of the oldest cities in America is Philadelphia, and it is also famous for having one of the oldest bar scenes as well. All the way back in the 1700s, there was a local Schuylkill Fishing club that was infamous for serving up shots of Fish House Punch. Philadelphia is also famous for giving the globe a cocktail called the Clover Club. Harry Johnson was a famous mixologist, and he was also the author of the Bartenders’ Manual. He tended bar at the celebration for the centennial for the independence of the country. This is a living history, however, and Philadelphia has a lot of modern cocktail bars.

You might also want to check out a local city guide when you’re in the city if you’re looking for some really great drinking. Whatever your taste, and it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, this city is so big that you’re sure to find it. There are specialist craft beers and classic cocktails, and there are little obscure bars and big, sophisticated cocktail clubs.

It’s really particular to the individual what makes a great bar. For sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of great big sports bars with cold bars and big plasma screens to watch the game on. For connoisseurs, there is a touch luxury there. It is both convenient and comfortable there, and there are lots of specials on drinks and food that will last throughout the whole evening. There is a great drink environment there. When you get here, you’ll be sure to find the exact thing that suits what you like best. If you use a local city guide, you can be guided to your favorite haunt pretty easily.


Apo used to be called Apothecary before, and it’s a contemporary and modern lounge with a great interior and awesome cocktails. The drinks set-up was handled by the cocktailcrew the Tippling Bros. Lead bartender currently runs it all with this crew of seasoned and expert mixologists. If you’re here, try the Midtown Village.

Chick’s Cafe

This is one of the city’s oldest drinking establishments. It had its grand opening in 1893. Chick’s Cafe is expertly run by Phoebe Esmon, and she’s the president of the United STates Bartenders’ Guild Pennsylvania chapter. You should check it out on Tuesday to go to the farmer’s market night for cocktails, where she mixes her drinks with spices and fresh fruits that are purchased on that day. If you’re here, try the El Periodo.

The Franklin

When Prohibition was going on, there was an illegal distillery that made thousands upon thousands of gallons liquor each day. It’s currently the namesake of this stupendous bar, and it offers a number of cocktails that are classically inspired. If you’re here, try the Americana Especial.


This little place is famous for the artisanal approach it takes to American cuisine, and it also has a great bar that’s run by a great man. He utilizes fresh herbs in his works, and they’re grown on-site. If you’re here, try the Blood & Sand.


The Southwark is the standard of the traditional cocktail movement in the city. It offers up some of the country’s biggest collections of gin and rye. It doesn’t make a difference what you order because you’ll get a classic that’s well-made each time. If you’re here, try the Ocean Shore.




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