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Best Bars in Portland

Portland is a very small city, but it’s a big cocktail town. It has more than a dozen artisanal distilleries, and there are a ton of famous bartenders who reside there. There are a lot of watering holes to hang out at. There’s also the annual Great American Distillers Festival, and there is even a Portland Cocktail Week. If you want anything other than a mixed drink, there are almost 36 local breweries to go to as well. This is the place to be if you want a lot to do on a rainy day.

Portland is well-known for its counterculture vibe, but it’s less well-known for its cocktail scene, and it’s bars too. This is a place with a ton of awesome bars, and you’re sure to find some classy drinking buddies when you’re here. It’s not just another small town. It’s a place with a whole lot of sophisticated pomp and taste, pun intended, when it comes to cocktails.

Portland’s culture is very geared toward the unusual, and it’s open to a whole lot, including a very progressive drinking culture. You’re likely to find some pretty odd bars when you’re there, but there are also the more typical, standard bars that you can hang out. There are even classier and better bars for really good cocktails too. Portland has a unique climate, and it’s a nice spot tucked away up in the northwest. It’s a great place to go just to see the state of Oregon. You’ll find plenty of odd, cool, and local people there, and they’re all there to have a good time. Though, that might be going a little far. There are all sorts of viewpoints there. You’re sure to encounter interesting people.

Beaker & Flask

727 SE Washington St
Portland, OR 97214
Phone: (503) 235-8180

This bar is named right, and it’s one of the best restaurants in Portland, and it offers up some tasty cuisine as well. The owner, Kevin Ludwig, has a drinks menu that’s a must-see for any visitor to Portland. The cocktails are pretty progressive, but they have some respect for the past as well. There is a lot of attention to detail, and there is a strong sense of purpose on the menu. If you’re here, try the Sal’s Minion.


50 NW 13th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97210
Phone: (503)226-3394

This place has Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, stylish clients, and classy decoration, and that all comes together to make the Bluehour a wonderful spots. There’s a number of original and classic drinks to make the appetite get whetted, and there’s a big brunch menu that features some morning cocktails with Bellinis, Corpse Revivers, Bloody Marys, and Fizzes. If you’re here, try the Taj Mahal.

Clyde Common

1014 SW Stark St
Portland, OR 97205
Phone:(503) 228-3333

This is a fun and bustling bar with excellent drinks. There’s no surprise here, and it was put together by one of the smartest bartenders in the business, Jeffrey Morgenthaler. It’s a wonder to watch him at work, and he mixes a phenomenal cocktail, is entertaining, and efficient.

Huber’s Cafe

411SW 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: (503) 228-5686

For a real theatrical bar experience, go to the Huber’s Cafe and have a flaming coffee, and you will be able to go back in time to a restaurant that’s been around since the late 1800′s. You can have some cocktails in the grand dining room of the Huber’s, and it also has a vaulted ceiling that’s soaring, and it has a grand, long oak bar too. Even though the bar might seem a little bit like a tourist area, you can come on by and have a little drink. If you’re here, try the Spanish Coffee.

Mint and 820

816 N Russell St
Portland, OR 97227t
Phone: (503) 284-5518

The author of Hip Sips, Lucy Brennan, opened up Mint in 2001. It was an originator of the fresh ingredient movement, and it’s taken over the country. A couple years later, she opened up 820 which is right next door. It has more of a cocktail focus, and it has a big menu of wonderful creations as well.




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