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Best Bars in Prague

I went to Prague for the initial time in the early 90′s, and it was a big component of the communist regime back then. Cocktails weren’t a big deal for me at the time, but if cocktails had been a big deal for me, I don’t believe I would have found many good ones.

If you go forward to 2012, you would see that I’ve gone back to Prague, and it seems like a brand new city. The great architecture hasn’t changed a whole lot, but there’s a thriving bar and restaurant scene, and the Czech beer atmosphere is really flourishing once again. Here are a couple spots I saw while I was there.

Bar and Brooks

If you like fine libations, jazz, and cigars, then this is the bar for you to go. Go on over to Bar and Books, which you can see above. There are a couple of different spots in Prague, and there are a lot in New York, and that’s where the chain originally began. There is a good one in Old Town, and it goes all the way back to the early 2000s, and it’s sort of decorate in the style of someone’s private library. Talk about a unique bar experience. There are also a huge number of tasty tipples and a huge selection of whiskies there. If you’re here, try the Cuzco Fizz.

Black Angel’s Bar

Kafka has warned us to stay away from the establishments that are kept secret and locked away in peoples’ basements, and there is one right in the center of Gothic Town that you shouldn’t miss, even though Kafka would warn you against it. Black Angel’s is akin to a number of caves surprisingly chock full of nautical memorabilia, and it gives you the ambiance of a pirate ship. A couple of guys run the drinks set-up, and they were some Tales of the Cocktail nominees. There’s a little something for all people to taste, from molecular mixology to standards. If you’re here, try the Chocolate Ball.

Bugsy’s Bar

There is a bartender who started off the Czech cocktail revolution, and he did it when he started this bar. This is a watering hole that says that it brought in the Mojito to this country. It’s got a wide number of spirits and a huge drinks menu as well. If that’s not enough, the Champagne menu has vintages and an old cigar room too. If you’re here, try the G’Negroni.

Hemingway Bar

This bar is currently being shut down for renovations, but you can still drink at this little comfortable spot. The walls have photographs of Ernest Hemingway, and he would have definitely appreciated how many different rums there were from across the globe there were here, including up to three dozen of them from Cuba alone too. If you want to get something else, there’s a number of other cigars and liquor, and the bartenders will brew you up a fine elixir as well. If you’re here, try the Hemingway Daiquiri.

Tretter’s Cocktail Bar

This is a bar run by a family, and it’s been serving almost every single classic imaginable for over 90 years. That’s enough of a resume to go on. It’s also the home to one of the city’s oldest mixology academies. The bar has a number of classic antiques on display, and it’s got an antique cash register too. If you’re here, try the Sidecar.




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