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Best Bars in Rio de Janeiro

There are a lot of travelers to Rio de Janeiro, and for them, it’s just the same as the Caipirinha. This is a traditional cocktail, and it mixes sugar and lime with the national spirit of Brazil, the cachaca. The alcohol is a kind of relative to rum, and it’s derived from the juice of fresh sugarcane, and the majority of rum is based on molasses, and it’s usually unaged too. Bars will serve this classic recipe, and they will serve a number of variations as well. The city is going to be hosting the Olympics in si years, and its bartenders are getting into a form that’s world-class as of now. There is a dizzying array of local fruit, and that gifts them with a kind of home field advantage, in a way. Here are a few of the best places to drink down in Rio.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has an old saying that “whatever happens in Rio de Janeiro, stays in Rio de Janeiro.” That’s one of the reasons so many people flock here from all over the world to go to the bars here. They are so fun, there are so many interesting people, and you’re likely to have a blast. There are a ton of crazy girls and exciting guys you’ll meet here, and you just won’t be able to get over the hot, exotic, tropical atmosphere that you find here. It’s super-fun, and this list of the best cocktail bars and watering holes will get you on the journey to having a good time fast.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most happening places in Brazil, and it’s sure to energize and delight you with its amazing collection of fine, exotic drinks that are special and unique. These kinds of drinks are definitely tropical, and you’ll experience some ingredients that you couldn’t get anywhere else in the world. Enjoy the bars at the list below.

Bar D’Hotel

You can see this bar overlooking the Leblon Beach, and the bartender, Santiago, turns a lot of heads with the Chopprinha, which is a kind of cooler-type drink, and it’s made with honey-ginger foam, ginger and tangerine juices, and Leblon Cachaca.


In the Fasano Hotel, which is quite modern, you can see the bartender, Andre, whipping some cachaca cocktails in this swanky join. You can drink the amazingly refreshing Croc Martini, and it will have a mixture of skim milk, Ovaltine, passion fruit juice, and fresh sour mix.

Bar Do Copa

You can see a bartender named Paulino at the Copa, also called the Copacabana, and he devises drinks from a smorgasbord of awesome Brazilian fruits. You can try out his modern Caipirinha, and it’s spiked with purple basil and sweet tangerine juice, and it’s served.

Mr. Lam

Right off the beach, you can spot Mr. Lam, which is a contemporary Chinese restaurant, and the bartender, Luciula, will use great lychee juice, homemade gum syrup, and even cashew fruit juice to make her Aca-iu Martini.

Restaurante Aprazivel

If you’re looking for a bar that’s well-stocked, you can go on over to the hill country and see the restaurant which is a kind of tree-house. It has more than one hundred different kinds of cachacas, and there is a house-aged spirit there that is delicious, and it’s been in the family of the owner for over three decades.




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