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Best Bars in Shanghai

Beijing might be considered China’s capital, but Shanghai is the younger, and definitely more cosmopolitan, sibling. It has a number of different people in the jet-set crowd, and it’s starting to get a great cocktail culture going. It’s being helped by some of the best mixology consultants and entrepreneurs in the business. The city currently has a number of the best drinking spots in Asia.

Shanghai, China is becoming a booming metropolis for the affluent, new, middle-class youth that are making it big in the business world. There are millions of people that need to have some sophisticated cocktail bars and watering holes to go to when they’re out and about after work, and there is no short supply of them in Shanghai. There are a number of awesome places to go in Shanghai, for things other than drinking, but these cocktail bars and bars are pretty special, and you definitely want to check them out if you’re touring the country. You don’t want to forget about the amazing drinking opportunities there are all over the country.

100 Century Avenue

At the very apex of this skyscraper that’s in the shape of a bottle-opener, you will see one of the world’s highest altitude bars. You’ll be way up there on the 91st floor, and you’ll get to see down to all of the astonishing views and and a wonderful 50-page menu of cocktails that are driven by fresh ingredients. Thereafter, you can go on up to the 92nd floor, and you can see some of the highest nightclubs in mainland China. If you’re here, try the Fig Martini.

Alchemist Cocktail Kitchen

Right in the center of the famed Sinan Mansions region, you’ll see the Alchemist. It’s run by a famous Australian bartender named Ryan Noreiks, and he heads up the skilled team at the establishment, who specialty is looking at classics and making modern interpretations of them, as well as molecular mixology methods and avant-garde styles. The gourmet brunch and inner menus and seating that’s outside bring this bar up to the next level, but it’s really the cocktails that are just like the stars. If you’re here, try the Dr. Lee’s Cider House Remedy.


From double-filtered water, to hand-made ice, to homemade syrups and bitters, this is a real cocktail bar. Everything is all natural here. There’s a huge list of drinks, and there are original and familiar creations as well. There is also a big menu of Creole dishes as well. If you’re here, try the Smokin’ Hot Margarita.

Bar Constellation

This place has over 45 bourbons and 500 single malts, and it’s the number-one bar for whiskey in Shanghai. Do you like to have a dram on the rocks? You might be able to get it served with a hand-cut ice ball. There’s also a huge list of cocktails that are put together by the lead bartender, who is Kin Jin, and there is a big choice of fine cigars as well. It’s very popular there, and there are a number of locations around the city too.

Cantina Agave

Every city has to have a tequila bar, and this bar is extra-special because there are Chinese regulations on liquor importation that restrict the importation of tequila. Wonderfully, that hasn’t stopped this little bar from getting together almost 40 different bottles of tequila. There are good times to be had at this watering hole, authentic Mexican food, and tasty margaritas.




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