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Best Bars in Vancouver

Vancouver has long been a drinkers’ town. Prior to the craft-cocktail movement starting, and went into action, you could definitely find a sweet tipple there. Now, definitely, the city has some of the best bars, and it even has its own Tales of the Cocktail conference. That happened just last week. I went to the event, and I got to see the basic mixological environment too. Check out some of the establishments that I think are worth visiting. Have a good time!

Vancouver is an incredibly interesting city to go, and they have a liberal stance on pot too, in that it’s decriminalized. It’s a great city to check out if you’ve never been in Canada, and it’s a great scene to check out if you might want to know what it’s like in a European country. If you don’t want to go to a European country, and you just want to drive up to Canada, then this is the closest you’re going to get.

Vancouver is a diverse and multi-cultural city, and you will find lots of interesting and unique people from all around the world that contribute to the wonderful cocktail culture there. There are all kinds of influences that go into the drinks made by the bartenders there, and you’re not likely to find a better place for satisfying your cocktail urge. It’s a great place. You’ll see that it’s beautiful too, and not just because of the people.


It doesn’t matter if you want a stiff drink, big Bordeaux wine, or Belgian beer, Chambar is your place, and it has everything that you’d need. It offers a ton of great dining too. The bartender is Jacob Sweetapple, and he was the winner of a cocktail competition in London, and he also goes to great ends to make a welcoming and warm environment for all patrons. If you’re here, try the Bitter Saint.

The Diamond

The Diamond is kind of like the bar for bartenders. It’s really good that it has a number of different classes for the professionals, and it’s a home to a lot of mixologists as well. Its list of cocktails includes headings like “notorious”, “delicate”, and “proper”, and there are punches too.

Fairmont Pacific Rim Lobby Lounge

This is the place that’s the host of the Tales of the Cocktail, and it’s got a sweet lobby lounge that’s definitely brought its game to another level to have this right. There are some barrel-aged creations, Perlini-carbonated concotions, and extra-special treats available too.

Granville Room

The Donnelly Group runs this tavern, and it operates about 13 places around the city of Vancouver. There is a menu that is whiskey-heavy, and it’s very detailed and long, and it has a lot of recipes from bartenders such as Kirk Estopinal and audrey Saunders, who are of the Cure and Pegu Club, respectively. It has some selections from award-winning bartenders. If you’re here, try the Old Pal.

Hawksworth Restaurant

David Hawksworth has an eponymous restaurant here, and he’s a huge culinary star, and he just refurbished the famed Rosewood Hotel Georgia. It counts Nat “King” Cole, Katharine Hepburn, and Elvis Presley as a few of its former guests too. Brad Stanton is the bar manager, and he’s in control the cocktail list, which has house-made syrups and bitters. If you’re here, try the Georgia Flip.




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