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  • Drinking Age in Sudan

    Drinking Age in Sudan

    The possession or the consumption of alcohol is prohibited by law in the country of Sudan. When it comes to morality, there are strict laws in place. For example, men and women cannot share a hotel room or sleep in the same room unless they are married. There are other

  • Drinking Age in Algeria

    Drinking Age in Algeria

    In the country of Algeria the legal age for drinking alcohol is 18. This is also the age where people can begin to purchase alcohol legally. The country of Algeria is located in North Africa and is a Berber and Arab country. The northern part of the country lines the

  • Drinking age in Botswana

    Drinking age in Botswana

    The legal drinking and purchase age in Botswana is 18. That means that there’s no distinction between the legal drinking and purchase age. You can drink and purchase alcohol when you turn 18, and no one is going to bother you. When you drink in an exotic place like Botswana,

  • Drinking age in Uganda

    Drinking age in Uganda

    The drinking and purchase age in Uganda is 18. A lot of people are surprised when they see that the drinking age is 18 in another country. However, it’s not so strange when you think that the government of the United States is unique in that it has a drinking

  • Drinking age in Tanzania

    Drinking age in Tanzania

    The legal drinking and purchase age in Tanzania is 18. It is the same age for drinking and purchasing alcohol in Tanzania, and it’s not a complicated system like some countries that have different purchase and drinking ages. There are all kinds of drinking ages across the world, but Tanzania

  • Drinking age in South Africa

    Drinking age in South Africa

    The drinking age in South Africa is 18, but the government of South Africa is considering raising the drinking age to 21 because they are having a lot of problems with underage drinking. The proposal was deliberated at a summit for eliminating alcohol and drug abuse in society, and the

  • Drinking age in Nigeria

    Drinking age in Nigeria

    The legal drinking age and purchase age in Nigeria is 18. A person is free to drink or purchase alcohol when they are 18 there. It is kind of a culture shock when someone can drink there for the first time, and they haven’t been able to drink in their

  • Drinking age in Cape Verde

    Drinking age in Cape Verde

    Every country in the world has their own drinking laws. That’s the way that it is. There was never a global prohibition on alcohol. That’s good because the United Nations could have done a lot of damage if they had placed a global ban on alcohol. There are already bans

  • Drinking age in Kenya

    Drinking age in Kenya

    Every country in the world has its own drinking age, and there are countries that have different drinking ages depending on what area you’re in in the country. There are also different cultural attitudes toward drinking in different parts of countries. All countries are different, and they have different attitudes

  • Drinking Age in Sierra Leone

    Drinking Age in Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone is a small country on the west coast of Africa. While it has a large Muslim population, there is significant Christian influence in the country so that alcohol is not prohibited or restricted. There is no set minimum legal drinking age either, so anyone may purchase and consume

  • Drinking Age in Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Drinking Age in Democratic Republic of the Congo

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the third largest country in Africa. It is centrally located along the Congo River and borders the Republic of Congo. It has a minimum legal drinking age of 18 years old to buy or to drink alcohol. Alcohol in Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Drinking age in Egypt

    Drinking age in Egypt

    Each country has its own drinking age, and the minimum legal drinking age in each country is set by the country’s government, based on what the people can handle. It used to be, for instance, that every state in the U.S.A. had a minimum legal drinking age that was the