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  • Drinking Age in Tahiti

    Drinking Age in Tahiti

    Tahiti is not covered in white sandy beaches and there are no vistas over a blue lagoon to retreat to. However, this island is in the heart of French Polynesia and should not be bypassed on your trip to the islands. The shadowy mountains and waterfalls combined with the black

  • Drinking Age in Papua New Guinea

    Drinking Age in Papua New Guinea

    Papua New Guinea is the biggest country of the Pacific Islands and has a population of over 4 million people. The country became independent from Australia in 1975. The country is extremely diverse both culturally and linguistically with over 800 languages and cultures present in the area. Currently, the legal

  • Drinking Age in Mumbai

    Drinking Age in Mumbai

    While there is technically not a drinking age in Mumbai, you have to be at least eighteen years old to purchase alcohol legally in the city. Most of the cities in India, including Mumbai have a nightlife that starts and ends early. This is because there are curfews in place.

  • Drinking Age in Moscow

    Drinking Age in Moscow

    There has been much debate over the drinking age in Moscow. Russia is a drinking country and is well known for its vodka consumption. The legal drinking age listed in the law books is eighteen. However, for the most part this law has been ignored and the drinking age is

  • Drinking Age in Tokyo

    Drinking Age in Tokyo

    The legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in Japan is twenty. The Japanese assure visitors that underage drinking is not a problem simply because it is illegal. While this does not make sense to many people from other countries, once you have been to Japan and spent some time

  • Drinking Age in Nepal

    Drinking Age in Nepal

    The legal age for consumption of alcohol in Nepal is 18. However, there is a part of the Nepal society that flouts the law based on their religion and allows their children to drink alcohol at a much younger age. Nepal has been in the news recently because of pressure

  • Drinking Age in Bali

    Drinking Age in Bali

    When visiting Bali the legal drinking age of the country is 17. However, the police do not enforce this age law regularly. There are no restrictions regarding the use of alcohol in Bali. However, the restaurants that cater to the Muslims will not serve alcohol as alcohol is not allowed

  • Drinking Age in Sri Lanka

    Drinking Age in Sri Lanka

    Although there are many Muslims, Buddhists and Hindis in Sri Lanka who are prohibited from drinking alcohol for religious reasons, it is not illegal. There is a minimum drinking age of 21 years that is enforced though and that includes buying and drinking it. Most festivals and public events will

  • Drinking Age in North Korea

    Drinking Age in North Korea

    Though it is not common to travel to North Korea, there is very seldom less than 100 foreigners in the country at any given time, you should have a bit of background on alcohol and drinking if you should have the chance to visit. The minimum legal drinking age is

  • Drinking Age in Laos

    Drinking Age in Laos

    Many people consider Laos to be the party place in Asia. It has a minimum drinking age of 18 years old on premises, but there is no age limit for off premises consumption. This means that if you are in a restaurant, bar or anywhere alcohol is being sold, you

  • Drinking Age in Cambodia

    Drinking Age in Cambodia

    There is no minimum drinking age in Cambodia, meaning if you can put your money on the counter, you can buy it and drink it. This has caused a bit of concern for the government recently due to the number of youths going on binge drinking adventures. As a traveler,

  • Drinking Age in Brunei

    Drinking Age in Brunei

    As a Muslim country, it is illegal to buy alcohol in Brunei. That being said, non-Muslims are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in the country as long as it is in a private residence. You must be at least 17 years old to be allowed to drink alcohol, even in

  • Drinking age in Hong Kong

    Drinking age in Hong Kong

    Not all countries have the same drinking ages. They have different drinking ages, and they are all different because the legislatures do what’s right for their people in their countries. All people are different when it comes to drinking, and social drinking and cultural drinking are not the same across

  • Drinking age in Malaysia

    Drinking age in Malaysia

    All countries have different drinking ages, and these ages have been set by the governments of the various countries, in accordance with what they think is best for their countrymen. There aren’t laws for people in Europe that are better applied to people in Muslim countries. There aren’t laws for

  • Drinking age in Philippines

    Drinking age in Philippines

    All the different countries out there have different drinking ages. If you look at a map of national minimum legal drinking ages around the world, you might see a lot of different ages. Don’t get freaked out by that, but get excited if you’re a young tourist, and you’re too

  • Drinking age in Singapore

    Drinking age in Singapore

    Some people view Southeast Asian countries as very harsh places when it comes to alcohol and drugs, but it’s really just drugs that they treat very harshly. There are very few places in the whole world that have such harsh laws as Singapore when it comes to drugs, but it

  • Drinking age in Taiwan

    Drinking age in Taiwan

    Every country has their own drinking age, and that seems to work best for the countries around the world. There’s not one global drinking age. In other words, when you travel to one country around the world, maybe in the far east, and your home was in the middle east,

  • Drinking age in Vietnam

    Drinking age in Vietnam

    All the different countries of the world have their own drinking ages. There are countries that have some drinking ages that are 21 and older, and there are countries that have drinking ages that are 16 and older too. There are countries that have much different attitudes than Muslim countries

  • Drinking age in Japan

    Drinking age in Japan

    The drinking age in Japan is 20, which is kind of a weird age. You can buy alcoholic beverages out of vending machines in Japan, which is kind of weird. Japan is an unusual place, from a cultural and pop-cultural sense. There are a lot of things that society approves

  • Drinking Age in China

    Drinking Age in China

    The legal drinking age in China is 18, and this law was introduced in 2006. The law is not very strictly enforced. There is a rigid enforcement of any laws pertaining to public intoxication though, because that’s a big no-no. Because so much of China is rural, it is hard