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  • Best Bars in Fresno

    Best Bars in Fresno

    It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for an evening out on the town, a trendy club, a relaxed retro sushi lounge, a get-down neighborhood bar or anything at all in between, Downtown Fresno will have what you’re in search for. A good many of these venues have regularly posted entertainment

  • Best Bars in Tucson

    Best Bars in Tucson

    Searching to add some excitement to your Tucson trip after when the sun sets? Tucson’s diverse nightlife ranges from high-energy dance clubs to laid back wine bars to college bars and everything in between. You’ll find sports bars, brewpubs, country/western downhome saloons, performing arts halls, comedy shows, and casino gaming

  • Best Bars in Albuquerque

    Best Bars in Albuquerque

    Albuquerque offers a wide variety of nightlife experiences, from sophisticated establishments to punk clubs and is sure to impress. This a cross section of establishments sure to fit the experience you’re searching for, whether it’s to hang with fellow dancers at live music clubs or sip on martinis in fancy

  • Best Bars in Las Vegas

    Best Bars in Las Vegas

    You are about to experience the best bars in the world! Las Vegas bars and nightclubs range from relaxing to chic. Use our guide to explore and discover the Las Vegas nightlife. From Bombay Sapphire martinis to Modernist furniture, and Lenin’s skull frozen in ice – there is no denying

  • Best Bars in Milwaukee

    Best Bars in Milwaukee

    Like its big Midwest brother, Chicago, to the south, Milwaukee’s nightlife is varied, from old-time hipster-mania to the post-industrial collection of warehouse clubs located in brick-faced, unmarked, music venues. Milwaukee’s early reputation as a beer-making mecca has left the town loaded with brews of every kind; no matter which local

  • Best Bars in Oklahoma City

    Best Bars in Oklahoma City

    Kick up those old cowboy boots or even those stilettos ladies because Oklahoma City is ready for a night out on the town. Just picture break dancing across the street from country line dancing, and you will understand the nightlife variety that is highlighted by the Entertainment District called Bricktown,

  • Best Bars in Detroit

    Best Bars in Detroit

    Detroit is the city that many love to hate. No longer known by the recession, Detroit is arising from ashes, attracting musicians and artists from all over the country enticed by urban cheap rents and an optimistic view. Prior manufacturing downspins and sky-high gas prices just gave Detroiters reason to

  • Best Bars in Baltimore

    Best Bars in Baltimore

    When it comes to owls, they are not all created equal. And Baltimore understands that. Some wish to drink a $12 cocktail while having stimulating conversation, while some others have a preference to dance away under the neon lights to whatever the music the DJ may be spinning. Some prefer

  • Best Bars in Charlotte

    Best Bars in Charlotte

    Charlotte’s nightlife is booming, and there’s much entertainment and drinking on tap. Check out the Charlotte’s bars, night clubs, breweries, live music venues, lounges and more. As the sun goes down, things really heat up in this city. From underground clubs to rooftop lounges, here’s a report of the best

  • Best Bars in Fort Worth

    Best Bars in Fort Worth

    As the sun sets, Fort Worth comes to life. The Downtown Sundance Square offers sidewalks filled with folks out on the town making the most of the numerous Fort Worth nightclubs, live theaters, movies and restaurants. The Stockyards District, always provides plenty of good times brewing in the Western saloons,

  • Best Bars in Columbus

    Best Bars in Columbus

    The nightlife in Columbus can vary from a quiet evening at a watering hole to dancing and rocking out with the best local bands. Columbus nightlife is thriving in the downtown area. An exciting and unique experience awaits those who strive to enjoy Columbus and its many offerings of food,

  • Best Bars in Indianapolis

    Best Bars in Indianapolis

    Welcome to Indianapolis, live it up! From trendy lounges to a sing-along piano bar, Downtown Indianapolis provides multiple opportunities for a night time fun out on the town. Nightlife in Indianapolis is primarily focused downtown and also in Broad Ripple Village, an artsy collection of bistros, boutiques and bungalows that

  • Best Bars in Jacksonville

    Best Bars in Jacksonville

    Jacksonville, Florida boasts several nightlife hubs; patrons can bar hop while enjoying the cooling ocean breezes or explore new discoveries in Downtown Jacksonville. World-class entertainment and local breweries provide further options. More light is shed on Jacksonville as the sun goes down where you will come across finds as diverse

  • Best Bars in Austin

    Best Bars in Austin

    All that you hear is true. With electrifying entertainment and deep culture, breathtaking outdoor settings and delicious cuisine and fun dance clubs, Austin provides you with all you need to create your own stunning experience. Austin is home to over 250 music venues. Downtown Austin hosts a plethora of bars

  • Best Bars in San Jose

    Best Bars in San Jose

    The downtown San Jose nightlife is vibrant and allows you to get acquainted with visitors from around the globe and around the corner, San Jose neighbors. Cantinas, pubs, bierhauses and sake bars appeal to everybody, not just Irish, Mexican, German, British of Japanese patrons. Classy wine bars cater to the

  • Best Bars in San Diego

    Best Bars in San Diego

    After a day at the beach or touring beautiful San Diego, a night out on the town can complete a perfect day. The action center of nightlife in San Diego is located in lively Downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter. It is here that 16 easily walkable blocks are buzzing with hot nightclubs

  • Best Bars in San Antonio

    Best Bars in San Antonio

    San Antonio practically has it all when it comes to nightlife. From tequila bars to diverse wine bars to comedy clubs, hot dance clubs and music venues, if you’re looking for nighttime entertainment there is much to do. Just around the corner is a welcoming neighborhood bar to chill out

  • Best Bars in Phoenix

    Best Bars in Phoenix

    Welcome to Phoenix! From piano bars and pubs to a gentleman’s club, the Valley of the Sun offers a varied nightlife. Country music is big here but so is jazz, cigar lounges and dozens of gay and lesbian bars that are clustered on Camelback Road and Seventh Avenue. There’s something

  • Best Bars in Rio de Janeiro

    Best Bars in Rio de Janeiro

    There are a lot of travelers to Rio de Janeiro, and for them, it’s just the same as the Caipirinha. This is a traditional cocktail, and it mixes sugar and lime with the national spirit of Brazil, the cachaca. The alcohol is a kind of relative to rum, and it’s

  • Best Bars in Vancouver

    Best Bars in Vancouver

    Vancouver has long been a drinkers’ town. Prior to the craft-cocktail movement starting, and went into action, you could definitely find a sweet tipple there. Now, definitely, the city has some of the best bars, and it even has its own Tales of the Cocktail conference. That happened just last