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  • Drinking age in Nova Scotia

    Drinking age in Nova Scotia

    The legal drinking age in Nova Scotia is 19. It is a little bit higher than Alberta, which is 18. Children and young people who are under 19 years old can drink in pubs and licensed restaurants until 9 PM so that they can have some kind of meal with

  • Drinking age in Manitoba

    Drinking age in Manitoba

    The legal drinking age in Manitoba, Canada is 18. It’s 18 as well in Alberta and Quebec. It’s 19 elsewhere in the different Canadian provinces and territories. There are a number of different places around the world that have drinking ages that are that low though. It’s not just Canada

  • Drinking age in Alberta

    Drinking age in Alberta

    The legal drinking age in Alberta, which is including Edmonton, and Calgary as well, is 18. That’s a pretty young age compared to what it is across the line in the United States, but it’s not so odd when you consider that the legal drinking age in the United States

  • Drinking age in British Columbia

    Drinking age in British Columbia

    In British Columbia, which includes Victoria and Vancouver, the legal age to start drinking is 19. Minors can drink with their parents, however. Supervision by a non-parent adult is not allowed through. Any server can refuse to offer alcohol if he suspects that the person is under the legal age

  • Drinking age in Toronto

    Drinking age in Toronto

    Toronto’s legal drinking age is 19. In the provinces of Quebec, Montreal, and Alberta, it’s just 18. You have to show a picture ID to prove that you’re over 18 years old. You could show them an Ontario driver’s license, a passport in Canada, a card showing Canadian citizenship, or

  • Drinking age in Quebec

    Drinking age in Quebec

    The drinking age in Quebec, along with Alberta and Montreal, is 18. In the rest of the Canadian provinces, it’s 19. One wonders if it’s the French influence and sense of independence in those countries that makes them change their drinking age to 18, as compared to the rest of

  • Drinking age in Montreal

    Drinking age in Montreal

    In Montreal, there’s a high tax for buying alcohol. It’s heavily taxed, and the imported kinds are taxed even more heavily than domestic kinds. If you’re looking to save some money while you’re there, then think about buying Canadian. There are a lot of regional breweries in the area, so