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  • Drinking Age in Myanmar

    Drinking Age in Myanmar

    Most of the people of Myanmar love a good drink. The legal drinking age is 18. A person must be at least 18 to purchase and possess alcohol while in the country. The people of the country are happy to enjoy a drink in the company of tourists. During the

  • Drinking Age in Montenegro

    Drinking Age in Montenegro

    Montenegro means Black Mountain. This is a country that is located in the south eastern part of o Europe. Serbia borders the country in the north east and the south west coast is along the Adriatic Sea. Montenegro became a country in 2006. When Yugoslavia first broke up Montenegro joined

  • Drinking Age in Istanbul

    Drinking Age in Istanbul

    In Turkey there is technically not a set legal drinking age. However, in order to purchase alcohol at a bar, restaurant or retailer a person must be at least eighteen years old. The laws regarding alcohol consumption had been somewhat lax. However, there has been legislation recently that will change

  • Drinking age in Slovenia

    Drinking age in Slovenia

    There isn’t a law regarding the consumption and possession of alcohol, but it is against the law to sell or give alcohol to minors at all. Furthermore, it is against the law to sell alcoholic beverages in stores from 9 PM at night to 7 AM in the morning. It

  • Drinking age in Moldova

    Drinking age in Moldova

    The legal drinking and purchase age in Moldova is 18. Some countries have different drinking and purchase ages. It makes the whole thing a lot more complicated. There are a number of different ages across the world. It all depends where you go. Some of the most beautiful women in

  • Drinking age in Malta

    Drinking age in Malta

    The drinking age in Malta is 17. You do have to show a photo ID when you’re drinking there. It’s unusual that a country would have a drinking age that’s under 18, but Malta does. That’s good news for the young tourists in Malta who want to drink there. There

  • Drinking age in Latvia

    Drinking age in Latvia

    The legal drinking and purchase age in Latvia is 18. Selling alcoholic drinks in stores, with the exemption of restaurants, clubs, and bars, is against the law between the hours of 10 PM and 8 AM. Drinking in public is also against the law. Latvia is one of the most

  • Drinking age in Bosnia

    Drinking age in Bosnia

    The legal drinking age in Bosnia is 18. Some of the popular beers that are domestic include Nektar and Tuzlansko. There are a lot of common imports from Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia. Just like in almost every European country there is, beer is very popular and common. Even in the

  • Drinking age in Monaco

    Drinking age in Monaco

    Monaco is one of the most pristine countries in the world, and its national beverage is champagne. It’s only fitting. Just to get one glass of champagne can cost as much as $40 at an upscale restaurant. The legal drinking age in Monaco is 18. There are some great establishments

  • Drinking age in Belarus

    Drinking age in Belarus

    The legal drinking and purchase age in Belarus is 18. There is no difference between the legal drinking and purchase age in the country. That’s significant because some countries have a legal drinking age that is much lower than the legal purchase age. They do that so that families can

  • Drinking age in Albania

    Drinking age in Albania

    Each country in the world has its own drinking age. That includes Albania. Every country is unique in the drinking age it has because that country knows best what’s right for its people. There are thousands of drinking laws all over the world, and it becomes even more complicated when

  • Drinking age in Armenia

    Drinking age in Armenia

    There are a number of awesome drinking spots and pubs in Armenia, but you might want to go over there when you’re at least 18 so you can drink comfortably in most places. One of the great things about traveling to places like Armenia is that you get some of

  • Drinking age in Greenland

    Drinking age in Greenland

    There is no one single drinking age law over the entire world. Every country has their own drinking laws, and that’s the wisest step for a world with all kinds of people in it. Greenland is a country in the beautiful area of Scandinavia. It is a network of countries

  • Drinking age in Lithuania

    Drinking age in Lithuania

    Every country around the world has its own drinking age. All countries are different, and some countries don’t have any droning ages at all. You might be flabbergasted that there’s no single drinking age all around the world. However, all countries set their own drinking ages, and that’s the way

  • Drinking Age in Slovakia

    Drinking Age in Slovakia

    The small but proud country of Slovakia has a minimum legal drinking age of only 18 years. This is regularly enforced unless it is during a religious ceremony or special family event such as a wedding or birth. Alcohol in Slovakia Most locals drink beer regularly, at home for no

  • Drinking Age in Cyprus

    Drinking Age in Cyprus

    Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean, off the shores of Turkey, Greece, Syria and Lebanon. It has an ancient history, resplendent with alcohol, and the minimum legal drinking age is only 17 years. There has been much done in recent to decrease the amount of alcohol consumed on

  • Drinking Age in Serbia

    Drinking Age in Serbia

    The legal minimum drinking age in Serbia is 18 years to buy or consume alcohol. It appears to be hard to enforce this as many young teens are drinking on a regular basis. Law enforcement says it is the duty of the shopkeepers not to sell alcohol to anyone under

  • Drinking Age in Luxembourg

    Drinking Age in Luxembourg

    Luxembourg is a country in the middle of Europe with no borders on the sea or ocean. It is ruled by the Grand Duke but is a democracy. Like many European countries, drinking alcohol is considered to be a normal tradition and often done daily. The legal age at which

  • Drinking Age in Bulgaria

    Drinking Age in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria is one of the European countries that does not have a minimum age for drinking alcohol. It does, however, have one for buying it. Until you are 18 years old, you can drink all you want, but someone else is going to have to get it for you. Alcohol

  • Drinking age in Croatia

    Drinking age in Croatia

    Every country around the world has set its own drinking age. There is no global policy on the drinking age, yet. There is no worldwide ban on alcohol either. Many Middle Eastern countries have banned the sale of alcohol entirely. They have not allowed any sort of drinking whatsoever for