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  • Drinking age in Czech Republic

    Drinking age in Czech Republic

    All countries have different drinking ages, and there are several countries that have made the legal drinking age 18. In fact, that’s the main drinking age all over the world. It’s a little bit weirder to see it at 16, or to see it much older at 21. It’s only

  • Drinking age in Finland

    Drinking age in Finland

    Every country in the world has a different drinking age, and there is no general drinking age for all countries, that’s set at the United Nations. There’s no global alcohol ban, and there’s no global Prohibition, like there was a Prohibition in 1919 in America. Alcohol is generally treated in

  • Drinking age in Hungary

    Drinking age in Hungary

    Every country has a unique drinking age, but it’s not as simple as all that. Some countries have different ages for the public possession, purchase, and drinking ages. Furthermore, it’s more complicated, because some countries have different drinking ages for different kinds of alcohol. There may be one drinking age

  • Drinking age in Portugal

    Drinking age in Portugal

    There are countries all around the world that have lower drinking ages than the U.S., and the U.S. is one of the countries with one of the highest drinking ages. There are a handful of Muslim countries that have drinking ages that are just as high, but it’s unusual, in

  • Drinking age in Romania

    Drinking age in Romania

    There is no legal drinking age in Romania. There is a legal purchase age of 18. There was a law that was formed in 2008. It made it against the law to sell alcohol to minors. The law also put a lot of restrictions on selling or serving alcohol in

  • Drinking age in the Netherlands

    Drinking age in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands is a sort of magical place, with a mystique all its own, because of its legal stance on soft drugs, its liberal culture, and its stance toward political ideologies. It’s a country with a very relaxed atmosphere, and it’s not surprising that they have very low drinking ages

  • Drinking age in Ukraine

    Drinking age in Ukraine

    The Ukraine has some of the strongest spirits in the world, and they also have a society that permits drinking, more so than other cultures sometimes. Some of the best vodkas in the world are produced in the Ukraine, and they are also produced in Russia as well. There are

  • Drinking age in Sweden

    Drinking age in Sweden

    The legal drinking age varies by country. There’s no one worldwide legal drinking age that applies to all the countries. There are some broad overlaps between the countries, however. Usually, 21, 20, or 18 are common ages for purchasing, possessing, or drinking alcohol. The legal age limits on alcohol are

  • Drinking age in Turkey

    Drinking age in Turkey

    Every country has a different legal drinking age. That’s just the way it is. Unlike some global proscriptions on certain drugs, there is no such worldwide ban on alcohol. There has never been an attempt at one either. Prohibition was the closest thing in the United States, and that only

  • Drinking age in Poland

    Drinking age in Poland

    The legal drinking age is different for every country. Sometimes, the drinking age revolves around 25, and other times the drinking age is around 16 or so. All countries have their own drinking ages that they believe is best for the people who live there, and some countries are far

  • Drinking age in Norway

    Drinking age in Norway

    There’s no single drinking age for all countries. All countries have different drinking ages. There are several countries that don’t have high drinking ages, and it’s just in the U.S., and a handful of Middle Eastern and African countries, that the drinking age is so high, or that drinking is

  • Drinking age in Iceland

    Drinking age in Iceland

    All countries have their own legal drinking ages, and Iceland is no different. While some European countries have drinking ages of 18 or so, Iceland has a drinking age that’s a little higher at 20. It’s not so weird that it’s so high, but it’s a little much for some

  • Drinking age in Belgium

    Drinking age in Belgium

    The legal drinking age in each country is different, although there are some broad overlaps of certain ages. For example, 18, 20, and 21 are pretty standard legal drinking ages. There are often different ages for different kinds of alcohol. Sometimes, there are different ages for public purchase and possession,

  • Drinking age in Austria

    Drinking age in Austria

    All countries have different ages for the consumption of alcohol. Austria is no different. It has special ages for different types of alcohol. That only makes sense, because certain kinds of alcohol can get you a lot more drunk. They specifically delineate them by the alcohol content of each drink

  • Drinking age in London

    Drinking age in London

    The legal drinking age in London is the same as it is in the United Kingdom and England, and that is 18. This age applies to the possession and consumption of alcohol. Minors that are 16 to 17 can drink alcoholic beverages with an adult guardian in public places. Lots

  • Drinking age in Italy

    Drinking age in Italy

    The legal drinking age in Italy is 16. That is somewhat younger than most countries in the region. However, South Tyrol is a little different. They prohibit getting served or buying for anyone under the age of 18 years old. Everyone is forbidden from being in a state of intoxication.

  • Drinking Age in Ireland

    Drinking Age in Ireland

    The minimum drinking age is different for every country and region within a country. The laws about legal drinking ages cover a massive spectrum of problems and behaviors, and they address the locations and places where alcoholic beverages can be drunk. The minimum age for purchasing alcohol might not be

  • Drinking age in Germany

    Drinking age in Germany

    The legal drinking age in Germany is pretty lax. It is 16 for beer and wine, and other party drinks as well, but it is 18 for spirits. The possession or drinking of alcohol by minors is legal, but it is not allowed to sell minors any alcoholic beverages or

  • Drinking age in France

    Drinking age in France

    The minimum drinking age in France is 18. If a vendor sells alcohol to a minor that is under the age of 18 years old, they can be fined 7500 Euros. This age was raised to 18 from 16 in 2006. It is illegal to give minors alcohol that can

  • Drinking age in Switzerland

    Drinking age in Switzerland

    The official legal drinking age in Switzerland is 16, which is great for kids that are traveling with their parents there. There are some of the finest wines, spirits, and beers in the world there, and it’s a shame to not be able to enjoy them when you’re a visiting