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  • Drinking Age in Lebanon

    Drinking Age in Lebanon

    Lebanon is one of the best and safest places to visit in the Middle East. The country offers friendly people, great Arabic food, and is sure to please every type of traveller. The legal drinking age in Lebanon is 18. This is the age where a person can legally purchase

  • Drinking Age in Saudi Arabia

    Drinking Age in Saudi Arabia

    There is no minimum legal drinking age in Saudi Arabia because there is not drinking in Saudi Arabia, legally anyway. You cannot bring it into the country, buy it anywhere or drink it if you happen to come by it in some illegal manner without risking sever consequences. The Truth

  • Drinking Age in Pakistan

    Drinking Age in Pakistan

    Being a Muslim country, alcohol is prohibited for all Muslims. However, if you are not Muslim, you must be 21 to be able to drink or buy it in Pakistan. The laws are pretty clear and strictly enforced, do not buy alcohol and give it to anyone, if they are

  • Drinking Age in United Arab Emirates

    Drinking Age in United Arab Emirates

    As with most Muslim countries, the United Arab Emirates does not have alcohol for sale legally anywhere in the country for Muslims. If you wish to purchase alcohol, you will need to have a license stating that you are not Muslim. You will be able to buy it at most

  • Drinking Age in Kuwait

    Drinking Age in Kuwait

    Islamic customs and traditions rule and determine much of the law in Kuwait. As such, alcohol consumption is illegal in the country. The laws regarding this are so strict that you can be imprisoned for making it, bringing it into the country, drinking it or selling it. If you will

  • Drinking Age in Iraq

    Drinking Age in Iraq

    Although the majority of Iraqi nationals are Muslim, many are not overly religious and there are some who are not Muslim at all. It is for this reason that alcohol is not illegal in the country as it is in other Islamic places. There are restrictions on drinking in public

  • Drinking age in Iran

    Drinking age in Iran

    Any time you go to a Muslim country, you should expect there to be a restriction on alcohol. Some countries will have an absolute ban on any form of alcohol and some will have it restricted only to Muslims. Many that allow it will require you to have a license

  • Drinking age in Jordan

    Drinking age in Jordan

    The drinking age in Jordan is 18. In some places, it’s a little lower at 16. It’s unusual that there is legal drinking in Jordan, because it’s a majority Muslim country. However, it’s really pretty Westernized, and there is a lot of influence there. Their are some friendly attitudes towards

  • Drinking age in Indonesia

    Drinking age in Indonesia

    Indonesia is a beautiful country, but they do have a pretty high drinking age, and it’s one of a few countries that have such a high drinking age. Some countries have very low drinking ages, of like 16 years old or older, and other countries are more strict in their

  • Drinking age in Morocco

    Drinking age in Morocco

    All countries have their own drinking ages, and many of them don’t have high drinking ages at all. Some of them are around 25, and others are around 16. It’s kind of surreal to think about how different the national minimum legal drinking ages are in the various countries. There

  • Drinking age in Israel

    Drinking age in Israel

    Different countries have different legal drinking ages, and that’s just the way it is. There’s no global ban on alcohol, like a world prohibition, similar to the way that the United States banned alcohol in 1919. There’s also no legal worldwide drinking age limit. All the drinking ages for the

  • Drinking age in Dubai

    Drinking age in Dubai

    Dubai is a beautiful place in the East, and millions of people have looked at its beauties and wonders since its been developed so extensively commercially in the last 50 years. It used to be just a little fishing village. A lot has changed in five decades. They’ve become home