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  • Drinking Age in Rio de Janeiro

    Drinking Age in Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro is located in the southern part of Brazil along the coast. The city is no longer the capital of Brazil, but was the capital city of the country until 1960. The official language of the country is Portuguese. In Rio de Janeiro the legal drinking age is

  • Drinking age in Paraguay

    Drinking age in Paraguay

    There is no legal drinking age in Paraguay, but you have to be 20 years old to buy alcohol. A lot of youth that are considering traveling there will really have their excitement killed when they realize that the legal drinking age is not 18, like the other South American

  • Drinking age in Bolivia

    Drinking age in Bolivia

    The official drinking age in Bolivia is 18, but, like many South American countries, it’s very lax and lenient there with its enforcement. There is not a general enforcement of the laws, and there are very few people that actually adhere to them, on a personal level. When you go

  • Drinking age in Uruguay

    Drinking age in Uruguay

    One of the best places to go drinking is in a South American country. They have a lot of exotic drinks there, and many of them are based on rums. There are a number of specialty drinks there, and they’re extremely tasty and exotic. Uruguay is a country with some

  • Drinking Age in Venezuela

    Drinking Age in Venezuela

    While the minimum legal drinking age in Venezuela is only 18, it is still not strictly enforced. It appears this small county in South America is ripe with alcohol and used for celebrations of all kinds. If you want to party, this is one place that will take care of

  • Drinking age in Colombia

    Drinking age in Colombia

    All countries around the world have their own drinking ages, and there is no one set drinking age at the U.N. that is applied to all the countries. There is not a global Prohibition, like what was attempted in America in 1919, and it is not treated like drugs, in

  • Drinking age in Ecuador

    Drinking age in Ecuador

    All countries have wildly different drinking ages, policies, laws, regulations, and stipulations. However, the drinking ages usually range from 16 to 21. Some countries don’t even have drinking ages. However, they do have ages for the purchase of alcohol. Like, in America, for example, there is no legal drinking age,

  • Drinking age in El Salvador

    Drinking age in El Salvador

    There are separate drinking ages for countries all over the world. Sometimes, the laws are very complicated, and there are different allowances for alcohol, depending on the occasion and circumstances. Take the United States, for example. There are 50 states, and there are different laws in each of those 50

  • Drinking age in Guatemala

    Drinking age in Guatemala

    Every country has their own drinking, and all countries have their own unique takes and attitudes on what their drinking ages should be. That’s why you’ll see wildly different drinking ages across the various countries. You might see different progressions in the histories of legal minimum drinking ages too. Sometimes,

  • Drinking age in Honduras

    Drinking age in Honduras

    All countries have their own drinking ages that they’ve set, and what they believe are right, for their people. Some countries have forbidden drinking altogether, like in many Muslim countries. Other countries have stopped the sale of all alcohol to minors. Some countries only disallow minors from publicly possessing and

  • Drinking age in Nicaragua

    Drinking age in Nicaragua

    All countries have different national minimum legal drinking ages, but there are some countries that don’t have legal drinking ages at all. They may just have national legal minimum public possession and purchase ages. This distinction is important, because it happens in the United States too. There is a national

  • Drinking age in Panama

    Drinking age in Panama

    All the different countries have their own drinking ages, and they are variable because that’s the best way to govern in the different countries, that have wildly different kinds of people. There are a whole lot of different countries that ban alcohol sales entirely. Those are mostly the Muslim countries,

  • Drinking age in Peru

    Drinking age in Peru

    Each country has a unique drinking age. There is no global drinking age or an alcohol ban. There is no set age for when people can drink or not drink set at the United Nations or something like that. Each country does what they determine to be best, and in

  • Drinking age in Belize

    Drinking age in Belize

    Each country has its own distinct drinking age, and that’s a good way to have it. There isn’t some global alcohol proscription, or a legal drinking age that applies to all countries. The laws make more sense than that. It would be hideous if there was some global prohibition that

  • Drinking age in Brazil

    Drinking age in Brazil

    The official Brazil legal drinking age is 18 years old. However, the law is not strictly enforced. Like a lot of countries in the world, the drinking age is not strictly enforced. It depends on where you go, how old you look, and how much cash you have. Beer, liquor,

  • Drinking age in Argentina

    Drinking age in Argentina

    Argentina is renowned around the world for it’s impressive array of fine wines, and it has an internationally award-winning selection of wines for tourists. Mendoza wine is its most popular. The European grapes get interesting quirks when they’re exposed to the climates of Argentina, compared to other climates, with its

  • Drinking age in Chile

    Drinking age in Chile

    Chile is one of the most gorgeous countries in the world, and it’s a little paradise in South America. People for the last century or so have visited Chile as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the planet. However, it’s not just it’s natural wonders that make it