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How to Play the Chandeliers Drinking Game

This is a fun drinking game that never ends for between four and six people.


  • 20 cans of beer
  • A bunch of quarters
  • One hard liquor bottle
  • One cup for each player and one additional bigger cup

Set Up:

Put a big cup in the center, with a hard liquor shot in it. Put the other cups at even intervals around middle cup. Put about half the volume of the cup in beer inside each cup, but not the cup with the shot in it.

Game Play:

Pick an individual to start it off. Bounce a quarter into whichever cup you choose. The cup’s owner has to drink the beer and another person has to refill the cup. You cannot touch the cup, and you’ll be anticipating that your cup gets chosen. If it bounces into the center cup, then everyone has to drink the beer. The final person to complete their beer and place their cup on the table has to drink the shot in the table’s middle too. The only instance that you shoot over one time is if you get it into the middle cup.

The game ends when you’re too completely blitzed and can’t drink anything else.

To win, play each round from the beginning to win, without wetting, passing out, or puking.




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