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How to Play the Circle of Death Drinking Game

Nobody will ever make it out of the circle of death a sober man.


  • About four beers for each player (this will change based on game play)
  • A table that everyone can sit down at
  • A playing cards deck

Set Up:

Everyone will sit in a circle at the table with a drink, and one player will be picked as the dealer of the game. All the different players have to call him the death dealer. If someone calls him by another name, then they have to take a five second penalty where they are forced to drink.

Game Play:

At the time that every one is seated with their drink in hand, the dealer will deal the initial card to player to their left. The dealer will continue doling out the cards in a clockwise motion until all the cards run out. If, in any case, the card that was previously dealt corresponds to the card on whichever side in suit or number, then those cards get active. Now, if a card that’s been newly activate matches one or another card on whichever side of it in suit or in number, then those cards will get the activation status, and so on and so on. The players who have active cards have to consume alcohol for a period of time, basically a number of seconds, equal to their card value. Queens will count as 12, Kings will count as 13, Aces will count as 14, and so on. This will make a chain effect.

For instance, if player number one has the Ace of spades, player number two has the seven of spades, player number four has the seven of diamonds, player number five has the ten of clubs, and player six has a jack of hearts ,and then player number three gets a six of diamonds, then all of the players, barring play number six would need to drink for the same amount of seconds that their card says. The logic behind this would be that the six of diamonds makes some of the initial cards active, and then it makes other cards active, and so on and so on.

The death dealer is obligated to count out the seconds, and if the dealer is consuming alcohol, the dealer will have to keep up by tapping upon the table until the stop drinking.




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