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Drinking age in Alabama

The alcohol laws of the United States have gone over several changes throughout time. Sometimes, different alcohol categories have even had different ages when you could purchase them, and that’s a natural and normal thing. It occurs in several other countries as well. There are some countries that have different ages for beer and wine, and then separate ages for liquor. It’s more of a mature system in other countries.

For example, it was 18 for beer and wine in several states, and it was 21 for spirits. Sometimes, the purchase age isn’t even the same age as the consumption age. It’s a weird system that’s in place, and the laws between the states are all different. However, the laws for the different states are now all the same. You have to be 21 years of age to purchase all kinds of alcohol in any of the 50 states. After the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, several states made their own laws regarding alcohol consumption. However, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act changed all that. That act was passed in 1984, and they did it mostly to combat all the drunk driving fatalities out there. Many states before that had raised their drinking ages to 19 and older voluntarily before that. It’s strange to think that just 30 years ago, the drinking age in the country was so much lower.

There is no known drinking age prior to the passage of Prohibition in 1919. However, after Prohibition, in 1933, the drinking age was raised to 21. The drinking age was lowered to 19 in 1975. In the 1980s, of course, the drinking age was raised to 21. In the 21st century, it remains 21.

Some states allow certain exceptions for different situations, circumstances, exigencies, and occasions. Each state has their own rules regarding exceptions to the national drinking age act which put the purchase and consumption age at 21. The states are given some freedom, and have some leeway, in determining what they do about underage alcohol consumption. For example, there might be drinking allowed for medical purposes or religious purposes or with parental consent. Alabama is one of the unusual states because it doesn’t allow drinking by minors in any circumstances. It’s kind of draconian in that it absolutely forbids alcohol, but that’s just the way that some states operate. There are very few states that have that rule though. For example, in Arizona, there is drinking for religious purposes and medical purposes. To not allow drinking under any circumstances is a bit of bad decision-making in the legislature. The reason is that drinking can be outlawed, and ordinary teenagers and adolescents can be forbidden from drinking, without the need to bar it from religious ceremonies and medical situations. The real goal of the law is to just forbid it under all circumstances, and that doesn’t seem wise at all.

Alabama would seem like a state that would allow drinking under many different circumstances, but it doesn’t fit the typical profile in this regard.




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