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Drinking age in Alberta

The legal drinking age in Alberta, which is including Edmonton, and Calgary as well, is 18. That’s a pretty young age compared to what it is across the line in the United States, but it’s not so odd when you consider that the legal drinking age in the United States didn’t used to be 21, but it used to be set by the states at whatever they thought was a good age. It wasn’t until 1984, with the passage of the National Minimum Legal Drinking Age Act of 1984, that the drinking age was set to 21. It’s interesting to note that the drinking age wasn’t very for so many years in the United States.

Alberta is the only province in all of Canda that has a completely privatized liquor retail, even though there is a monopoly on the wholesale of distilled spirits and wine by Connect-Logistics. The US would still categorize it as a liquor control state.

There were some regulations introduced on the sale of alcohol in 2008, and they included that happy hours of alcohol sales could not run past 8 ‘o clock. Alcoholic beverages could also not be sold below the minimum prices, which included $2.75/ounce for liqueurs and spirits, $2.75 for a 12 ounce beer bottle or can of cooler, cider, or beer, $0.35 for an ounce of wine, and $0.16 for an ounce of draught beer. Also, after 1 AM, patrons could only be sold two normal servings for each order, like one ounce of a distilled spirit or a single bottle of beer, and possession of more than a couple of drinks in an establishment that was licensed would be against the law.

There are all different drinking ages around the world, and it makes it hard to tell the difference when you’re traveling to different countries. A good rule of thumb, though, is that the legal drinking age is 18, in most countries. There are a number of countries that don’t have any kind of drinking age at all, and some countries forbid alcohol entirely. It might be helpful to look at a handy chart of all the different countries before you start out on a world tour, if you’re a young person, and you plan on drinking.

If you’re not sure about the local laws and customers in the place that you’re going, for example, if it’s an out-of-the-way place or some place in the far East, then look up a handy travel guide before you go there so you don’t run afoul of any local laws or customs.

You shouldn’t need to worry about drinking in Alberta though. Just so long as you don’t drink outside, or in public, you should be fine, and if you stay in the clubs, nightclubs, bars, and pubs, you will be just fine drinking there when you’re 18. You will even be allowed to drink the harshest spirits and liquor when you’re there. You won’t be limited to just beer. Alberta doesn’t have a distinction on the kinds of alcohol you can drink there.




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