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Drinking Age in Algeria

In the country of Algeria the legal age for drinking alcohol is 18. This is also the age where people can begin to purchase alcohol legally. The country of Algeria is located in North Africa and is a Berber and Arab country. The northern part of the country lines the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisia borders the country in the northeast and Morocco borders the country in the northwest. When South Sudan succeeded from Sudan, Algeria then became the largest country of Africa.
Alcoholic Production

The country of Algeria produces a small selection of wines and beer. When visiting the country you will find that alcohol is not sold everywhere as the country is predominantly Muslim. The Muslim religion strictly prohibits the purchasing and partaking of alcohol.

There are some bar restaurants located in the bigger cities that cell alcoholic drinks and wine. You can also find alcohol in some night clubs and the higher end hotels of the country. There are some bar restaurants located in nice parks. If you are walking in a wooded park, look for a restaurant located somewhere inside and you will likely find that they serve some type of alcohol.

There are fast food restaurants that are open throughout the country and extremely affordable options for food. However, they do not sell beer. You will also not find alcohol being sold in the coffee shops.

If you visit any of the coastal cities such as Algiers, you will find fish restaurants located in almost every port. Fishing in the country is traditional and the fish that is sold is extremely fresh. Many of these restaurants will sell alcohol, but you are going to have to specifically ask for it. Most of the time alcohol is not going to be listed on the menu and you will not see it in the restaurant. This is because of the Muslim culture.

There are some discrete shops located in some towns and cities that will allow you to buy a bottle of Algerian wine to enjoy at home. The Algiers airport is the best place to buy wine. In the smaller towns and other areas you will find it difficult to buy alcohol. Typically, the places that will sell it are located at the edge of the town in an area that is somewhat sketchy. The conditions that the alcohol is kept in are questionable.
Alcohol and the Algerian People

There are some Muslims that do drink, but still consider it to be a sin. It is quite common for people in the country to brown bag their alcohol as you should not display those types of beverages in the street. Consuming alcoholic drinks is social, but done in private. It is typically done only in remote areas or indoors.

If you are invited to someone’s home and alcohol is not offered he expects you to not drink or smell like alcohol. You should also not bring your own bottle or discuss drinking alcohol in front of his family.




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