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Drinking age in Argentina


Argentina is renowned around the world for it’s impressive array of fine wines, and it has an internationally award-winning selection of wines for tourists. Mendoza wine is its most popular. The European grapes get interesting quirks when they’re exposed to the climates of Argentina, compared to other climates, with its proximity to the Andes Mountains, volcanic soils, and high attitudes.

Most restaurants serve a broad array of liquors.

The official legal drinking age is 18, but just like in many other countries around the world, and not to peg Argentina as a lone country here, but most establishments will serve anyone who even appears 16 years of age or older. The attitudes are really lax and laid back here about people drinking when they’re young. There’s a culture of openness in Argentina that’s not present in other countries. Most clubs and establishments will only ask for your ID if you look noticeably younger than 18. There is not a strict culture of enforcement here. Things are taken a lot more lightly, and that’s lucky for tourists, because they have some of the best wines in the world. There’s no official legal age for clubbing in Argentina, and most clubs will let you in if you look the appropriate age.

Bars in touristy places are more controlled than outlying bars, and you may get carded at one of those. Any of the local places where they serve alcohol are a good bet if you want to try some of the country’s finest wines. You definitely shouldn’t have a problem if you’re with your parents in one of these establishments. So, if you’re traveling to the country on vacation with your family, you can sample each of the country’s most popular wines in a number of bars and restaurants. Most restaurants serve a variety of alcohol, unlike some American restaurants, which sort of skimp on the alcoholic portion of a good dining experience. Argentina has a culture that recognizes the importance of alcohol to a meal. Much like the European countries, especially France and Italy, Argentina takes pride in its wine selection and drinking wine at meals. There’s a culture that respects the right to imbibe at a young age, and so you’re not going to look out of place if you’re there with your teenagers, and you want to order them a glass of wine at a restaurant. You might look sort of out of ordinary in America, though.

The drinking age isn’t enforced that much, and there are 16 year-olds that routinely buy beer in gas stations or even kiosks too. There are lots of countries that have these kiosks where they offer beer, and it’s kind of an unusual thing for Americans, but it’s normal in a lot of countries around the world. Don’t let your kids go out to the kiosks unsupervised, and make sure that no unscrupulous vendors sell alcohol to your minors if you’re going to Argentina to enjoy yourself as a parent, and not end up with a kid puking over the railing of your hotel room balcony



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    oh yeah! I thought about going to argentina and this gave me the will! (i’m french by the way, this might explain my love of alcoholic beverages)


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