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Drinking age in Armenia

There are a number of awesome drinking spots and pubs in Armenia, but you might want to go over there when you’re at least 18 so you can drink comfortably in most places. One of the great things about traveling to places like Armenia is that you get some of the most exotic specialty drinks in the world. There are hundreds of different spots for drinking in Armenia, and you are going to find some signature country drinks when you go there. You are also going to find familiar favorites from all over the world. Armenia is known for its unique drinking culture. There are hundreds and hundreds of unique drinks that you can only find in Armenia. If you’re going there with your family, you might want to wait until you turn 18 so that you can drink while you’re there. It might be a kind of a waste of a trip if you go there when you can’t drink. Don’t let the reputation of Armenia discourage you from going. Its reputation as a country has nothing to do with its drinking culture. Its drinking culture is world-renowned.

What makes the whole thing about drinking laws so complicated is that there are often different purchase and drinking ages. Sometimes, there are different purchase ages for different kinds of alcohol. Sometimes, there are different drinking ages for different kinds of alcohol. SOmetimes, it depends on the kind of place that you’re in. You may be permitted to drink in a bar, but you might be disallowed from drinking in a park. Sometimes, you may be allowed to drink in a private house, butt you may be barred, pun intended, from drinking in a bar. Not all countries have as harsh laws against drinking as the United States does. Different countries have completely different attitudes toward drinking.

Armenians drink tons of alcohol, and it is about the same as other CIS countries, but outside of the trendy bar scene, which are as drug and alcohol-filled as any venue in the world, you hardly ever seen any kind of drunken behavior connected with other ex-Soviet states or Russia. It’s seen as a disgrace to show that you’re drunk. Their skill at drinking so much and not getting drunk is probably because they never drink without eating first, and they have very strict laws about drinking in public. The legal drinking age is 18 in Armenia.

If you are traveling to countries like Armenia, be sure to bring some drinking buddies. You don’t want to get stranded there alone on a night out when you’re bombed. You might find that you get into some trouble and end up in an Armenian jail.

It’s a terrible thing to go to a foreign country and not have any kind of drinking buddy or drinking partner when you’re out at a bar alone. You might be more likely to get kidnapped or have something happen to you. It’s just wiser to have a friend with you at all times. It makes a lot more sense.



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  1. A person says:

    Actually, there is no drinking age in Armenia. Nobody ever asks to see ID when buying alcohol. Chances are you won’t be able to score alcohol if you’re 12, but 15 and up can. There’s no law against it.


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