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Drinking age in Aruba


The unofficial legal drinking age on the island of Aruba is very low, at just around 16 years of age, and that’s good news, depending on how you look at it, for 16 year olds that are traveling to the island. They can drink for the first time in a legal setting, away from home, and get the experience under their belt so they don’t feel the need to binge drink at home. Plus, some of the best rum in the world is on the island of Aruba. They definitely won’t be wasting their first drinking experience on cheap whiskey. Not many nations in the world have an unofficial drinking age as low as 16, and if they do, there are usually some stipulations with it, like you must be in the presence of an adult, or you can only drink beer, or you have to drink in your private residence, or you have to drink with a meal. Aruba is a magical place, and it’s unusual in many ways, not the least of which is that it has a legal drinking age so low at 16.

Some sources suggest that the legal drinking age is 18 for spirits, wine, and beer, and that the unofficial drinking age is 16. The official legal drinking age is 18 for spirits, wine, and beer. Drinking alcohol on the beaches is allowed, but you have to be careful not to throw away any empty bottles because the Aruban police are very strict about their littering laws. The legal drinking age usually isn’t enforced, and people are rarely carded. There’s a very lax attitude toward drinking there, but you have to keep yourself in line, dispose of your alcoholic beverage bottles, and not act rowdy. You don’t want to rouse the attention of the authorities. You don’t want to get into any scuffles with anyone or make a loud scene. If you can stick to those rules, you can probably get away with drinking if you’re under 18. However, it is illegal, and you shouldn’t do it, so it’s wise to rely on your parent’s presence and permission if you want to imbibe on some of the finest rum in the world while you’re there.

Some people who have been there say that the drinking age isn’t even enforced in the slightest bit. They say that 15-17 year olds drink there without any problems. When you’re looking at a country’s laws, you have to look at how they’re enforced. You can’t just look at the laws themselves. Look at Amsterdam where it’s illegal to possess marijuana, but people are still allowed to go into coffee shops and buy and smoke it. Think about all the outdated laws that no one follows anymore, even though they’re still on the books. There is a ban on women wearing pants in France, but that law was never enforced. There are a lot of strange laws that are never even brought up in public discourse for fear of the speaker being subjected to public ridicule for bringing them up.



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