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Drinking age in Austria

All countries have different ages for the consumption of alcohol. Austria is no different. It has special ages for different types of alcohol. That only makes sense, because certain kinds of alcohol can get you a lot more drunk. They specifically delineate them by the alcohol content of each drink too. There are certain proscriptions for people age 16 and younger, and there are certain proscriptions for other age brackets too. When you’re 18 years old, you can drink any kind of alcohol you want. However, there are some exclusions for people drinking in public.

The drinking age is 16 in Austria, but it’s 18 for distilled beverages in some areas. In places like Tirol, Salzburg, and Upper Austria, there is a proscription against people drinking distilled liquor under the age of 18. In areas like Styria and Carinthia, there is a prohibition against drinking alcohol that is over 12% or 14% alcohol within this same age bracket. Carinthia actually makes adolescents keep a blood alcohol level of under .05%. In places like Upper Austria, there is a prohibition against drinking excessively. Salzburg stops consumption that would have as its effect intoxication. There are prohibitions in Vorarlberg, Lower Austria, Burgenland, and Vienna against alcohol consumption when someone is in public. Vienna also stops the consumption of drinks in schools for people who are under the age of 18 years.

Austria is a country in Europe, and it’s one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries in the whole region. It’s adjacent to Germany. Make sure that you take your camera with you when you go because the pictures you can snap there are remarkable. Austria has about nine million people, and it’s a very awesome place to visit if you’re interested in seeing a diversity of people on your travels. Some of the most notable contributions to culture in Austria are in music. Many of the world’s best composers come from Austria. It’s still an excellent place to see some of the world’s best music performed live in opera houses, and be sure to cite that as a reason to your parents to take a vacation there.

When you’re traveling there, and you’re just 18, you’ll feel like a real adult if you can drink some of the world’s most amazing alcohol there. It’s incredibly rich, dark, and strong in Austria. It’s just like in Germany where the beer is some of the best in the world. Its close proximity to Germany gives it some of the best alcohol in the world, and the beverages there are world-renowned too. Remember, Germany has an annual festival called Oktoberfest, and they showcase the finest beer in the entire world there. Austria has a long, rich tradition of brewing some of the world’s best alcohol, and a lot of people think it rivals Germany’s, even though German beer is renowned as the best kind of beer in the world by most. There are legions of German people who think that Austrian beer is better though, although there are close overlaps between both.



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  1. The Expert says:

    Well Austria has one of the most complicted state-regulated drinking ages in Europe.

    Lower Austria, Vienna and Burgenland have a age-restriction of 16 years to serve, sell or drink alcoholic drinks.

    Styria have a age-restriction for alcoholic drinks below 14% ABV of 16 years and 18 for drinks with more alcohol content.

    Carinthia, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg have a age-restriction of 16 years for fermented drinks (beer, wine, cide and sparkling wine) and 18 for spirits. But Carinthia has a further restrictions for minors below the age of 18, the blood-alcohol level must be below 0.5%°, but this law is rarely enforced.


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