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Drinking Age in Bali

When visiting Bali the legal drinking age of the country is 17. However, the police do not enforce this age law regularly. There are no restrictions regarding the use of alcohol in Bali. However, the restaurants that cater to the Muslims will not serve alcohol as alcohol is not allowed in the Muslim religion.

Beers in Bali

The people of Bali do not have anything against a good drink and alcohol is available throughout the country. However, this does not mean that drunken behavior is tolerable or acceptable.

The most popular beer in the country is Bintang. Bali Hai is a bit cheaper than and almost as widespread as Bintang. Bintang is a fairly highly regarded light Asian beer and Bali Hai is a lager. Despite being named Bali Hai, the lager is actually brewed in Jakarta.

A pale ale called Storm is based in Bali and comes in several flavors. This beer is quite expensive. Another local beer is called Anker. Under license both San Miguel and Carlsberg are brewed locally as well. There is also a large range of imported beers available. These beers are a bit more expensive.

In local terms beer is relatively expensive. However, by western standards the cost of beer in Bali is quite low. A small bottle of beer costs about the same amount as a full meal offered in many of the local eateries.

In tourist areas there are widely publicized happy hours both before sunset and after. While the average price for a small bottle of beer is typically 15,000 Rp during happy hour this drops to 10,000 Rp. Larger bottles range in price from 18,000 Rp to 30,000 Rp.

Wine in Bali

The country produces its own wine. Hatten is the most popular and the oldest brand available on the island. Hatten offers red, white, and rose as well as sparkling varieties of wines. The most popular is the rose. The quality of the wine is a bit inconsistent, but typically the rose wine is okay and it costs a lot less than many of the imported wines that are available. Some of the imported wines cost as much as 300,000 Rp a bottle. Lovers of wine may want to bring their own bottle with them. Many restaurants will allow you to bring in your own wine and some will charge a small corkage fee. Some of the smaller establishments do not have corkscrews so you will want to bring your own.
Liqueurs and Spirits

Bali Moon is the most popular liqueur produced in the country. There is a large variety of flavored liqueurs available including hazelnut, coconut, butterscotch, black currant, banana, coffee, pineapple, blue curacao, orange, peppermint, melon, and lychee.

Vodka as well as other spirits is made locally as well. The most popular is Mansion House. It is important to be aware as many of the local spirits available are simply rice liquor that is flavored. Bali Moon cocktails are available in almost every bar, hotel, and restaurant in the country and many retail outlets sell liquor.




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