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Drinking age in Belgium

The legal drinking age in each country is different, although there are some broad overlaps of certain ages. For example, 18, 20, and 21 are pretty standard legal drinking ages. There are often different ages for different kinds of alcohol. Sometimes, there are different ages for public purchase and possession, and different ages for consumption. Sometimes, there are different ages for public consumption and different ages for private consumption. Sometimes, there are extenuating circumstances where minors can drink, like if they have their parents’ permission, or for religious sacraments. There are laws that cover a broad swath of behaviors, including where and when alcohol can be drunk and purchased. These laws are all different between the several countries. Oftentimes, alcohol consumption inside the home isn’t regulated. The sole country that has a legal drinking age for people who are inside the home is the United Kingdom. There are even some Islamic countries that ban alcohol consumption entirely, for non-Muslims and Muslims. In some countries, it’s actually not legal for underage people to drink alcohol, but it can be taken whenever. Sometimes, it is just against the law to sell alcohol to underage people.

In Belgium, they have a very relaxed attitude toward the legal drinking age for beer and wine. It’s not uncommon to see high school students out drinking and having a good time. It’s 16 for beer and wine, and it’s 18 for spirits. That means that students can drink as much beer as they want, and have a good time with friends, but they have to wait until graduation to go out drinking hard liquor. Sometimes, it’s looked down upon and people are shunned who drink excessively, at any age. Drinking is considered a social experience in Belgium for people of that age, but it’s also considered a part of dining and a part of the culture too. It used to be illegal for adults to buy minors alcohol, but now it’s not illegal anymore.

Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and they have an extremely relaxed and liberal social attitude toward a number of issues. It’s not just a liberal issue, pertaining to the drinking age though, because it’s been a part of their culture for centuries to have drinking at that age. It’s just a natural extension of their social and cultural mores. However, in the United States, it’s much different and harsher because there are such big roadways and highways, and there were a lot of drunk driving accidents that caused the United States government to pass some laws related to the legal age for public possession and purchase of alcohol by minors. It’s a little different here in America, compared to Belgium, because there are serious, practical reasons for outlawing alcohol to people of a certain age, here. Perhaps teenagers in Belgium are a lot more mature, or there is less of a chance of serious drunk driving accidents. Belgium has the right attitude for its country and way of life.



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