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Drinking age in Belize

Each country has its own distinct drinking age, and that’s a good way to have it. There isn’t some global alcohol proscription, or a legal drinking age that applies to all countries. The laws make more sense than that. It would be hideous if there was some global prohibition that had been enacted, like there was with drugs, and people would have a terribly hard time overturning the law. The closest thing to that, ever, was Prohibition, and it occurred in 1919, and only in America. Some countries have separate drinking ages for beer and wine and liquor. You can purchase the former when you’re 16, and you can purchase the latter when you’re 18 too. Those laws seem to make more sense, and they’re not as draconian as some of the laws that just prohibit all types of alcohol until you’re 21 or something. Belize is pretty liberal with a drinking age of 18, but it’s not that uncommon to see South American or European countries with a drinking age that’s around 18 or so. It’s really in the United States and a handful of Middle Eastern countries too that the drinking age is around 21 or higher.

The drinking age in Belize is 18. A lot of drinking ages aren’t really enforced in Latin American countries. The consumption and possession of alcohol by minors are rarely, if ever, enforced. Moreover, if the minor is in the presence of an adult or guardian, they’re hardly ever enforced. However, that doesn’t mean that law enforcement doesn’t come down hard on those who sell alcohol to minors. It’s part of the law that the person selling alcohol has to remember the age when selling someone alcohol. An ID card is necessary when purchasing alcohol too. The legal drinking age of 18 is not too low. In European countries, the legal drinking age is most often 18. It’s only 21 in the U.S., and a handful of other countries, some of those have it higher, and it just seems odd to people in the U.S. to hear about a drinking age that’s 18. Selling alcohol to minors can bring fines. Someone has to offer identification upon request.

A number of factors make Belize a great tourist destination. There is the barrier reef, climate, almost 500 islands, great fishing, Maya ruins, helicopter touring, hiking, wildlife reserves of flora and fauna, kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, and deep sea diving. This is a great place to go if you’re a teen, and you really want to get a sense of the world and see it. It’s also good because you can drink there if you’re 18 years of age or older. That’s a great thing to do when you’re in such an amazing place like this. It imbues the trip with specialness. There’s nothing like walking along the coast with a glass of rum in your hand. There’s something mystical about Belize. When you’re there as a youth, but able to drink still, it’s just wonderful.




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