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Drinking age in Bermuda


You have to be at least 18 years of age or older to drink alcohol in Bermuda, and you have to produce ID to be able to drink, when requested. Bermuda strictly regulates the sale of alcoholic drinks in the country. Most of the bars close at 1 AM, and some even close as early as 10 PM. Some stay open late, all the way until 3 AM. Some bars don’t stay open on Sunday, and some stores can’t sell any alcoholic beverages on Sunday. You can bring alcoholic beverages or beer onto the beach legally, but your party can’t get too disorderly, and they have to stay still in one spot. The moment you start walking on the beach or walking on the streets with an open liquor container, then it’s considered illegal. These laws are very sensible in the country. They are not too strict, and not too lax. Bermuda is a place to party, relax, and kick back so plan on doing all of that if you’re over the age of 18 and intend on staying within the laws and guidelines of the country in general. Don’t act up or act too rowdy when you’re drinking, and you won’t call the attention of the authorities.

The great thing about being able to drink in Bermuda when you’re 18, if this is maybe one of your first times drinking because you’re a tourist and visiting with your family from your home country of the United States, is that you’ll be able to try so many types of drinks that this place is known for.

Take a look at the Rum Swizzle, for example. It typically has a lot of dark or light rum, some fruit juices like orange, pineapple, or lime, and maybe some bitters. Sometimes, there’s grenadine, sugar syrup, or honey in it. There’s a little bit of crushed ice put in there, and the whole combination is stirred together. A lot of the drinks are based on rum, as they are at a lot of islands in the region. Dark n’ Stormy is another great drink here, and it’s a cocktail that merges ginger ale with rum. A sailor was said to have invented the drink because he said that the drink had the color of clouds that you wouldn’t want to move your boat towards. Both the Dark n’ Stormy and the Rum Swizzle use the Black Seal of Goslin’s rum. This drink is often called Bermuda’s national drink.

There are now even cans of the drink that you can buy around the island. It’s really cool to be in Bermuda at 18 because you can be in a beach environment where you get to enjoy the fun in the sun and the atmosphere and also try some of the best liquor in the world. It’s a very relaxing environment. It’s a great place to take your teenagers when they’re over the age of 18 because they can significantly enhance their experience with fond memories when they get to stroll around the island drinking rum at the various bars.




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