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Drinking age in Bosnia

The legal drinking age in Bosnia is 18. Some of the popular beers that are domestic include Nektar and Tuzlansko. There are a lot of common imports from Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia. Just like in almost every European country there is, beer is very popular and common. Even in the areas that are more heavily Islamic, alcohol is available in wide abundance. For those who want to drink, they can procure it even in Islamic areas. Almost every bar is fully stocked too.

Like most people who are Slavs, Bosnians make up something called ‘Rajika”, and it comes in a number of different kinds, and it is made both at home and commercially. Red wine is called Crno Vino, and white wine is called bijelo vino. Some of the wines from this place are world-renowned for the kind of quality they offer. Plus, alcohol isn’t taxed as much as it is in most Western nations, and it’s very affordable, very often. Quality alcohol is highly valued and sought after.

One popular drinking beverage is Turkish coffee, and it’s called Bosnian coffee there. It can be purchased in every fast food place, coffee shop, or bar. Bosnians are some of the world’s heaviest drinkers of coffee, of anywhere in the world.

It’s complicated when you explore the drinking ages around the world. There are different drinking ages for each country. There are different drinking and purchase ages in several countries too. Sometimes, there is a separate age for drinking certain kinds of alcohol, like 18 for beer and wine, and 21 for liquor. There are a lot of countries that don’t have a high drinking age, like the U.S., and they have always had a low drinking age. There are tons of countries out there that have banned alcohol entirely, like many countries with an Islamic demographic.

If you’re unsure about traveling the world, and knowing what drinking age is which, you need to take a handy world travel guide with you. It should succinctly tell you the drinking age in each separate country. If you’re not absolutely sure about the drinking age, then check ahead of time. You don’t want to end up in a jail in Bosnia.




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