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Drinking age in Brazil

18-years-old-BrazilThe official Brazil legal drinking age is 18 years old. However, the law is not strictly enforced. Like a lot of countries in the world, the drinking age is not strictly enforced. It depends on where you go, how old you look, and how much cash you have. Beer, liquor, and wine can be purchased any day in the week from snack stands and grocery stores. You’re allowed to drink in motor vehicles and public places. That’s a little different from some other countries that don’t allow public drinking or drinking inside the car. Brazil is a lot more lax in that sense. Drinking is now against the law in the majority of soccer stadiums though. The legal limit for alcohol for drivers is 0.00. That legal limit is strictly enforced. However, that doesn’t mean that other passengers in the car can’t drink.

Brazil has no tolerance for drinking and driving though, and so you shouldn’t do that while you’re there. In fact, no country in the world allows drinking and driving. The law just came into effect in June, and it’s sparked interest in the drinking and driving dangers under the influence. The Dry Law said that there was no risk-free limit of alcohol that you could have in your blood. Unlike Greece, where the legal allowable alcohol level is .05, and in the U.K. as well, and in the U.S. where it is .08, there is a 0.00 legal limit valid all over Brazilian territory. That’s kind of a controversial law, and it’s definitely gotten a lot of people talking.

Brazil has a problem with underage drinkers, but it also has a problem who are over the legal age, like 18-24, because there is a lot of alcohol consumption growing amongst younger people, and it’s helped by lax attitudes toward the enforcement of laws against the transactions of alcoholic beverages to young children.

The drinking age in most parts of the world, outside of the United States, is 18. According to anecdotal reports, the IDs are only checked at the bigger clubs, and if the person has a foreign passport, then they can plan on passing muster and getting in. You could see signs that warn against the underage consumption of alcohol, but it is hardly ever enforced.

However, be wary of your partying, and try not to over-indulge yourself. This is a great way to become a victim of a crime. Brazil is not entirely safe, and even if you’re with a lot of friends, you still could get mugged, taken advantage of, raped, kidnapped, or worse. Watch out on your heavy underage drinking, and take all the necessary precautions when you’re traveling to the country. You don’t want to get caught in a bad situation because you didn’t think carefully about the repercussions about being out and about and risking your life with people you don’t know or other unsavory types that would contribute to underage drinking in the first place.




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