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Drinking age in Cabo San Lucas

The drinking age in Cabo San Lucas is 18. The legal drinking age in all of Mexico is 18. It’s kind of interesting that the legal drinking age is 18, and that it’s not any higher anywhere throughout the place, because the drinking age is so high in the United States, comparatively, in that it’s just 18.

When you go to a place like Cabo San Lucas, expect to party. That’s why it’s so essential that you don’t go there until you’re 18. If you miss out on the experience of going there when you’re old enough to drink, you will forever regret the experience. It is a place that is known to have some of the best drinking parties and nightclubs in the world. If you’re not there, and enjoying yourself at one of their bars, then you’re missing out on so much of what the place has to offer.

What’s so interesting about the world is that there are different minimum drinking ages wherever you go in the world. That means that you’re going to have trouble if you’re a world traveler, and you’re under a basic age. Not all countries have the same drinking age of 18, and you might be dismayed if you come across a country that has a drinking age of 21 when you’re only 18. However, you should know that the United States is one of the only countries in the world that has a drinking age that’s so high at 21. Most countries around the world have a drinking age of 18. What makes the minimum drinking age problem is that there are often different drinking ages for liquor versus drinking ages for beer and wine. It’s interesting that the drinking ages are so different for different kinds of alcohol, or at least it seems so to people in the United States, because we have one standard age for beer and wine, as well as liquor.

There are a lot of countries around the world that don’t enforce their drinking laws. Some of them have banned alcohol entirely. Some countries have completely allowed drinking for all ages. Most countries have a sensible drinking age of 18 though. There are a lot of countries that have very high drinking ages, and so it all evens out, but you never know what to expect unless you have a travel guide.

Cabo San Lucas is a major party destination, and unless you’re 18, you really shouldn’t go there. It’s where some of the filming for major reality TV programs goes on, and it’s because they have some of the wildest parties and most awesome people from around the world who go there to drink and party ’til the break of dawn.

Cabo San Lucas should be visited with your friends, and you should never go out binge drinking, and you should definitely not misbehave. You don’t want to end up in a Mexican jail. If you’re not absolutely sure that you’re going to be protected when you go there, then you shouldn’t go there. Even though you can drink there when you’re 18, doesn’t mean you should.




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