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Drinking age in Canada

The drinking age in Canada varies depending on what province you’re in. It is 18 for Alberta, Quebec, and Manitoba. In the remaining provinces, the legal drinking age is 19. 16 and 17 year olds can drink alcohol if they have parental supervision in Manitoba, however. They can also do so in a home or a temporary residence in the province of Alberta.

In the remaining territories, underage drinking is allowed as long as you have adult supervision. There are some restrictions even at the home in the provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. In British Columbia, only the children of the parents that are giving the supervision can drink, but not any other guests that may be in attendance. Drinking alcohol in another person’s home is subject to different laws.

There is no federally imposed limit as far as a legal drinking age in Canada. Each province can set the drinking age that they wish. It is 19 almost everywhere, but some provinces are 18 like Alberta, Montreal  Manitoba, and Quebec. Quebec has a large French-speaking majority of the population. The age imposed is the same age for buying, having, or drinking alcohol.

Any bartender can refuse to serve alcohol if he/she thinks the person is under the legal age limit to drink alcohol, and if the customer does not have an ID to show. The bartender is not obligated to check the ID of everyone, however.

It is strictly prohibited to buy alcohol for those people that are under the age of 19 or 18 in certain provinces. A hefty penalty can get imposed on the customer that is under the legal age to drink if they are caught purchasing alcohol with a fake ID.

Drinking is not allowed out in public, and places like parks are prohibited from alcohol drinking, unless there is a special license given for a special event. Drinking is not allowed for people that are operating automobiles, no matter what age they are.

If you go to Canada thinking you are going to have a joy ride of sorts over the border because of the lower drinking age, there are some surprising affronts to that plan that you may want to keep in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are of the legal drinking age there, you still cannot drink out in public. You should plan your events, occasions, and outings at a bar or set of bars so that you can do all the drinking you want and have a lot of fun and not get harassed. Manage your drinking logically in Canada if you’re 18 or 19, and you should be fine. If you act aggressive, foolish, or inconsiderate, drink out in public, or drink during the day out on the streets, then you could be in for a surprise. You don’t want to get into trouble with the law because police officers will stop you if you’re acting out of line, no matter what age you are.




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