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Drinking age in Cancun


The drinking age in Cancun is one of the most frequently asked questions because it’s such a party destination, and high school and college students come from all over the world to enjoy the Spring Break festivities during Spring Break in that resort destination. The legal drinking age there is 18, and there is no closing time for the bars, and most of the night clubs stay open until three or four AM or so. There are ample opportunities to have a ton of fun in Cancun because of the density of so many young and fun people and the lowered legal drinking age as compared to the United States. There are tremendous opportunities there to have a lot more fun than you could otherwise at nightclubs in the United States, where you would have to wait until you’re 21, and it’s not simply as exciting.

Most people think it’s 21, because it’s 21 in the United States, and that’s what people are used to. However, in both of the adjoining countries to the United States, Canada and Mexico, the legal drinking age is 18. It’s kind of an odd phenomenon for teenagers, students, and tourists when they visit the country from America.

Anecdotal stories from users say that they don’t often card, unless you look really young. One person on a forum, someone who had been to the country, said that there were kids who were 15 ordering alcohol at some of the clubs. The same guy said that these people are really easy to spot, because they’re usually the ones vomiting in the corner.

One person said that during summer break, there are a lot more kids that are in the 15-16 year age range that are drinking. Of course, there’s a lot of visitors there with their families, and they’re drinking just because it’s fun and it’s something to do, although they’re not supposed to. During Spring Break, you get a little bit older ages, but they’re still underage sometimes. It’s a party destination, and there’s a lot of underage drinking. However, the official legal drinking age is 18, and if you don’t want to have any trouble when you’re going from bar to bar and nightclub to party, then bring your ID and be over the age of 18 years old. Why not just wait a few years and really enjoy the experience when you’re 18 instead of going there to drink prematurely and maybe not enjoying the experience as much? You’ll always be looking over your shoulder, and worrying about whether you’re going to get into trouble or not, and that’s no fun. Being 18 and attractive in Cancun is a memorable experience, and you should go there when it’s perfectly allowable and legal for you to drink so that you can get the maximum fun out of the experience, instead of having a wishy-washy time and having to avoid certain clubs, bars, and establishments.

Cancun is a place that all young people should visit when they’re of legal age to drink because it has legendary and epic pop culture significance.




  1. Shelly magneson says:

    a Facebook friend of mine has pictures of her 12 yr old with alcohol that he walked up to the bar and asked for, repeatedly!

  2. Ivan says:

    I’m getting turnt!!!!!!

  3. Judy says:

    The drinking age in BC Canada is 19. Alberta is 18, not sure about other provinces

  4. Lisa says:

    Drinking age is 19 in Ontario & most provinces


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