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Drinking age in Cape Verde

Every country in the world has their own drinking laws. That’s the way that it is. There was never a global prohibition on alcohol. That’s good because the United Nations could have done a lot of damage if they had placed a global ban on alcohol. There are already bans on illicit drugs at the international level. That makes it very hard to overturn treaties and get good laws on the books when there are tough treaties at the international level. The drinking age in Cape Verde is set by the government of Cape Verde. That’s the smartest way to enact laws. Each country’s government has the best notion of how their people can handle alcohol. There is no international drinking age.

What makes the whole drinking age law thing complicated is that there are different drinking ages around the world, but there are also more nuanced laws depending on what country you’re in. For example, you might have different drinking ages and purchase ages depending on what country you’re in. There might also be different attitudes toward drinking in different regions of the country. So, while you might get one pass on drinking in a certain area of the country. You might get disallowed from drinking in another part of the country.

The drinking age in Cape Verde is 18. Some countries have an 18-year-old drinking age, and that’s actually true for the majority of the countries out there. There are a number of countries that have a minimum drinking age of 18 because that’s what they think the normal age of an adult is. There are a whole lot of countries around the globe that have higher drinking ages, but some countries have even lower drinking ages. It depends on that culture’s attitude toward drinking, for one. In Cape Verde, it’s kind of a dream to stay at, and it only make sense that they would have a drinking age of around 18.

There are a lot of tourists that go there with their families, and it’s a normal thing for them to be drinking there. It’s just a part of international travel to be drinking in a tropical island country. There are lots of South American island countries that have low drinking ages, of around 16 or 18. There are a number of countries in South America and around there, like in the Caribbean Islands, and other islands around the world, and it’s a normal part of international travel to have that kind of thing in different island countries.

It’s a wonderful relief for tourists that are just out of high school to be able to drink in foreign countries. In the United States of America, the drinking laws are very repressive. It’s hard to enjoying drinking alcohol legally until you’re 21.

There are many countries around the world that have outlawed alcohol though. Mostly the Middle Eastern countries outlawed alcohol, and so you shouldn’t expect to drink when you’re in some of them. Tropical islands are a different story though, so get to drinking!




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