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Drinking age in Chile

Chile is one of the most gorgeous countries in the world, and it’s a little paradise in South America. People for the last century or so have visited Chile as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the planet. However, it’s not just it’s natural wonders that make it so alluring. It’s also the cities and nightlife that are an attraction for young people, and a bonus to traveling there. There are some gorgeous cities there, where the lights stay on all night, and teenager tourists want to know what the legal drinking age is, so they can know how special their vacation might end up being.

The minimum age for drnking and consuming alcohol in Chile is 18. Selling to a child can garner you a fine. A person has to provide identification when they’re asked for it. Residents of Chile who are older than 18 years old have to carry a Chilean identification card around with them, and it’s issued by the Civil Registry and Identification Service. They always have to have it on them, and so no one should have a problem presenting ID when they’re asked for it, if they’re above the legal drinking age.

Being able to drink for the first time in a foreign country is something that you’ll never forget. It’s not only drinking for the first time. It’s drinking for the first time in a foreign country. You can take it a step further too. It’s drinking in a beautiful foreign country. You’ll never forget how awesome it was to be in one of the most beautiful places on earth, as a young person, and be drinking down some of the world’s most exotic drinks. These are some drinks that you could probably never get back home in the states. It’s such a refreshing experience, pun intended, to be able to drink beverages that you’d never have any opportunity of tasting before, and that have weird and wonderful flavors. You’ll just be astounded at what your taste buds do when they get near the stuff. Plus, you’ll probably get exceedingly drunk, because it’s your first time, and it will create some memorable experiences that you can write about later on. There’s nothing like getting your first drinking experience in Chile, and you’ll be forever aware of the experience.

Compare getting drunk in Chile for the first time on a tropical or South American drink to getting drunk back at home in an American bar when you finally reach the old age of 21. Who wants to do that? That’s such a waste to have to wait all that time to just get to drink a poor drink. A low-quality, bad-tasting bear just isn’t worth it. You want to be able to drink the best stuff, and that’s going to come at a price, indeed. The price is having to travel to some foreign country when you’re 18, whether it be Chile or another, and really enjoying yourself. Don’t stick around the United States until you’re 21. That would be a horrible idea.




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